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XAU/USD Outlook: Fed’s First Move of the Year and Jobs Report Impact Gold Price

XAU/USD Outlook: Fed's First Move of the Year and Jobs Report Impact Gold Price

The XAU/USD Outlook remains a focal point in the realm of precious metals, with recent market dynamics marked by a struggle for direction. This weekly analysis delves into the intricacies influencing the Gold market, shedding light on the impact of key events, including the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions and the release of January jobs data from the United States.


  • Gold price moved sideways this week, with a low below $2,020 and a high above $2,060.
  • Traders and investors should watch for news on the Fed’s policy decisions and the US jobs report for potential shifts in the gold market.

XAU/USD Movement This Week: A Sideways Journey

Gold kicked off the week with a modest uptick, fueled by an improved risk mood that curtailed demand for the US Dollar (USD). Global equity indexes rallied following reports of a potential $27 billion equity market rescue package in China. However, Gold faced challenges as the 10-year US Treasury bond yield remained above 4%. The mid-week saw mixed PMI data and a subsequent drop in XAU/USD, countered by escalating geopolitical tensions centered around reported attacks on US-owned ships by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

XAU/USD Outlook: Economic Indicators and Gold’s Response

S&P Global PMI data showcased a positive start for the US economy, but rising US Treasury yields pushed Gold to a weekly low below $2,020. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported an impressive 3.3% expansion in the US GDP for Q4 2023, surpassing market expectations. However, Gold found support as retreating US yields offset the immediate impact of the upbeat GDP data. Inflation figures, as measured by the PCE Price Index, held steady at 2.6% on a yearly basis in December, allowing Gold to stabilize above the $2,020 mark.

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Key Risk Events Ahead: Fed’s Role in Shaping Gold’s Trajectory

The upcoming week holds crucial events for XAU/USD, starting with the release of JOLTS Job Openings and the CB Consumer Confidence Index for January. The Federal Reserve’s first policy meeting of the year is anticipated to maintain the policy rate at 5.25%-5.5%. Market expectations for a potential rate cut in March add an element of uncertainty, with a clear stance from Chairman Jerome Powell capable of triggering significant market movements. Additionally, attention will be on the January jobs report, particularly Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP), Labor Force Participation Rate, and wage inflation figures.

Technical XAU/USD Outlook: Navigating Key Levels

The technical landscape for Gold indicates a lack of directional momentum, with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) hovering near 50 on the daily chart. Key support at $2,000 is highlighted, and a breach could open the door to further declines towards $1,980 and $1,960, where the 100- and 200-day Simple Moving Averages (SMA) are positioned. On the upside, resistance at $2,030 and $2,040 precedes a potential rally towards $2,060.


As the XAU/USD Outlook remains at the forefront of market attention, the interplay of economic data, geopolitical events, and the Federal Reserve’s decisions will shape Gold’s trajectory in the coming week. Traders and investors alike are poised to navigate this dynamic landscape, with the technical outlook providing key levels to watch. As we await the unfolding events, the Gold market stands poised for potential shifts based on the outcomes of the Fed meeting and the US jobs report.

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