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Bitcoin Price Surges to $45,000: A Strong Rebound from Recent Slump

Bitcoin Price Surges to $45,000: A Strong Rebound from Recent Slump

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the recent trends in Bitcoin’s market suggest a promising and sustainable bull run. A myriad of factors, including a significant decline in Bitcoin balances on exchanges, the potential entry of Charles Schwab into the Bitcoin ETF race, and various on-chain metrics, contribute to a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency. This article delves into the key developments and indicators that point towards a likely recovery in Bitcoin price in the short term.


  • Charles Schwab’s potential entry into the Bitcoin ETF race could lead to increased competition and a more competitive pricing strategy.
  • Over 1 million Bitcoin have been removed from exchanges since 2020, which suggests increased demand and a bullish sentiment for the cryptocurrency.
  • The upcoming Bitcoin halving event is a historical catalyst for significant price rallies.
  • Bitcoin’s short-term holder realized price is uptrending, indicating confidence among short-term investors.

Bitcoin ETF Race Heats Up: Charles Schwab’s Potential Entry

Bloomberg ETF specialist Eric Balchunas predicts a game-changing entry into the Bitcoin ETF race by Charles Schwab, a colossal $8.5 trillion asset manager. Balchunas speculates on the impact of this potential entry, anticipating increased competition and possibly a more competitive pricing strategy. The absence of a spot Bitcoin ETF from Charles Schwab, as of now, adds anticipation to the evolving ETF landscape.

Bitcoin Exchange Balances Decline: Bullish Momentum Builds

Crypto analyst Joe Burnett highlights a substantial on-chain development – a decline of over one million Bitcoin on exchanges since 2020. In the context of Bitcoin’s limited supply of 21 million, this reduction in exchange wallets adds weight to the bullish narrative. The shrinking availability of Bitcoin on exchanges often aligns with increased demand, further supporting the positive sentiment.

Halving Event Looms: Historical Catalyst for Bitcoin Price

The Bitcoin halving event, scheduled in nearly 80 days, is a recurring phenomenon where the reward for mining a Bitcoin block is halved. Historical data suggests that previous halving events have acted as catalysts for significant price rallies. With the impending halving, market participants are eyeing the potential impact on Bitcoin’s price, considering its past performance post-halving.

Address Trends and Market Sentiment: The 1 BTC Threshold

Glassnode data reveals a noteworthy trend in wallet addresses holding less than 1 BTC. After a decline from the $49,000 local top, there are signs of consolidation around the $40,000 level. Analyzing addresses with minimal holdings provides insights into retail participation and sentiment, offering a nuanced perspective on Bitcoin’s current market dynamics.

Bitcoin Price: Short-Term Holder Realized Price

Glassnode’s data on Bitcoin’s short-term holder realized price suggests a continued uptrend. The increasing acquisition of Bitcoin at higher prices aligns with the broader uptrend in Bitcoin’s market. This data reinforces the bullish thesis for Bitcoin’s sustained recovery, indicating confidence among short-term investors.

Spot ETFs Gain Traction: Global Interest in Bitcoin Products

The popularity of Bitcoin Spot ETFs is on the rise, with Harvest Hong Kong, one of China’s largest fund companies, filing an application for a BTC Spot ETF. This marks a significant milestone in the development of cryptocurrency financial products and indicates a growing global interest in Bitcoin-focused investment instruments.

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Price Breaks Slump

Recent technical analysis suggests a recovery in Bitcoin’s price as it sustains above the $42,000 level. The break from the weekend slump positions Bitcoin above the psychologically crucial $40,000 level. Resistance levels at $43,600 and $45,589 become focal points, indicating potential hurdles in the ongoing uptrend.


In conclusion, the confluence of factors such as the potential entry of Charles Schwab into the Bitcoin ETF race, declining exchange balances, the upcoming halving event, and positive on-chain metrics paint a bullish picture for Bitcoin’s short-term future. As Bitcoin continues its recovery above $40,000, technical analysis and market trends suggest a plausible ascent towards the $45,000 level. The evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, marked by institutional interest and innovative financial products, further underscores the resilience and potential of Bitcoin in the broader financial market. Investors and enthusiasts alike remain vigilant as Bitcoin’s price journey unfolds amid a dynamic and evolving market environment.

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