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Market Focus on US GDP: What Lies Ahead for Gold Prices?

Market Focus on US GDP: What Lies Ahead for Gold Prices?

The gold market is in focus as it grapples with the interplay of the Gold Prices, a consolidating US Dollar (USD), and anticipation surrounding key economic data. In this analysis, we delve into the factors shaping the trajectory of gold amidst geopolitical tensions, Federal Reserve (Fed) rate cut speculations, and technical indicators.


  • The Gold Price is currently holding a mild positive bias, but it is facing downward pressure from a consolidative US Dollar and expectations of a less aggressive Fed policy in 2024.
  • Technical indicators suggest that gold is vulnerable to further downside if it breaks below $2,000.

Gold Prices Respond to USD Sideways Movement

As the US Dollar experiences a consolidative phase, the Gold Price holds a mild positive bias, resisting a downward trend from the recent $2,040-2,042 supply zone. Geopolitical tensions and uncertainties regarding the Fed’s interest rate decisions contribute to gold’s status as a safe-haven asset.

Fed Rate Cut Expectations and Their Impact on Gold Prices

Investor expectations for a less aggressive Fed policy in 2024 influence US Treasury bond yields, presenting a challenge for Gold Price bulls. As market participants await the US GDP growth figures, the landscape for gold hinges on economic data, Durable Goods Orders, and Weekly Initial Jobless Claims.

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Technical Analysis: Gold’s Vulnerability Below $2,000

From a technical standpoint, the repeated failures near the $2,040-2,042 supply zone signal a bearish trend. Daily chart oscillators gaining negative traction suggest a path of least resistance to the downside. However, confirmation in the form of follow-through selling below the $2,000 psychological mark is crucial for further downside potential.

Market Forces and Gold’s Response to Geopolitical Developments

Recent events, such as Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeting US-owned ships, contribute to the complex dynamics influencing the Gold Price. The S&P Global flash US Composite PMI Output Index and other economic indicators play a role in shaping market sentiment, affecting gold’s performance.


As the Gold Price navigates through a landscape of geopolitical tensions, USD fluctuations, and economic data, market participants remain attentive to the upcoming US Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index. While technical signals hint at a potential downside for gold, the broader market context suggests a careful approach. The intricate balance between global events and economic indicators will determine whether the Gold Price can hold above key support levels or faces further downside pressure in the near term.


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