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SingTel Agrees to Sell Trustwave Stake for $205 Million


Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) has inked a deal with MC2 Titanium, LLC to offload its stake in the cybersecurity firm Trustwave for a substantial $205 million.

Strategic Review Yields Significant Decision

Southeast Asia’s telecom giant initiated a strategic review of its 98% interest in Trustwave back in 2021. A move stemming from its acquisition of the company for $770 million back in 2015. This meticulous review perform over several months. Thus, aiming at optimizing SingTel’s portfolio in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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Impairment Charge Spurs Divestment

This divestment follows an impairment charge of S$336 million (equivalent to $245.92 million) incurred by SingTel during the latter half of 2021. This financial setback prompted SingTel to reevaluate its investment strategy, leading to the decision to sell its Trustwave stake.

Fourth Quarter Completion Anticipated

The transaction is anticipated to conclude in the fourth quarter of this year. Thus, is not expected to exert a substantial impact on the company’s fiscal year 2024, as per SingTel’s official statement.

SingTel’s decision to sell its Trustwave stake marks a significant move in the cybersecurity domain. Therefore, showcasing the company’s commitment to refining its strategic portfolio.

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