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Mercedes-Benz Under Threat of Euro 6 Car Recalls


German automaker Mercedes-Benz is in hot water as the country’s transport authority, KBA, has identified illicit defeat devices installed in some of its Euro 6 standard vehicles. The revelation came to light through a whistleblower who leaked a letter to environmental NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH).

Defeat Devices Unveiled

The letter, which DUH posted on its website, highlights the KBA’s discovery of three defeat devices concealed within cars manufactured under the Euro 6 emissions standard. Thus, Euro 6 represents the most stringent guidelines governing harmful tailpipe emissions from both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

Compliance or Consequences

Mercedes-Benz now faces an ultimatum: either take immediate corrective actions or risk a directive to withdraw the affected vehicles from circulation. However, this directive follows a European Court of Justice ruling that declared such devices illegal under specific driving conditions.

As of now, the KBA has yet to issue an official comment on the matter, leaving the automotive world eagerly awaiting their next move.

Mercedes-Benz Responds

Mercedes-Benz, in an official statement, expresses its full cooperation with the KBA. Therfore, the automaker asserts that it has already developed the necessary technology through software updates to address the defeat device issue.

Extension Granted

Mercedes-Benz was granted an extension, beyond the originally stipulated deadline of July 27. The deadline issues was to determine the extent of the affected vehicles and to implement corrective measures. However, the automaker has not disclosed the new deadline.

“We are currently assuming that software updates will be provided for vehicles. These may be impacted by a final decision on the functionalities.” Mercedes-Benz stated.

The situation remains fluid as Mercedes-Benz navigates the potential recalls and works to rectify the issue through software enhancements.

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