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Evergrande Chairman Under Investigation for Offshore Asset Transfers


China Evergrande Group’s Chairman, Hui Ka Yan, is facing an investigation amid suspicions of transferring assets offshore. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported this development on Monday.

Complex Situation Amid Debt Woes

As Evergrande grapples with the challenge of completing unfinished projects, the company has been actively seeking creditors’ approval for restructuring its offshore debt. However, last week, the situation took a more complex turn when the company announced its inability to issue new debt due to an ongoing investigation into its primary China unit.

Chairman Under Police Scrutiny

Adding to the turmoil surrounding the embattled developer, Evergrande revealed on Friday that its chairman, Hui Ka Yan, is now under police watch and suspected of unspecified criminal activities.

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Offshore Creditors’ Ultimatum

Last week, Reuters reported that a consortium of offshore creditors was contemplating a court petition to liquidate Evergrande if the company failed to submit a new debt restructuring plan by the end of October.

Silence Amidst Holidays

Despite these critical developments, Evergrande remained tight-lipped. The company did not provide an immediate response to a Reuters request for comment during the week-long National Day holidays.

Debt Crisis in China’s Property Sector

With liabilities exceeding $300 billion, Evergrande has become a symbol of the debt crisis gripping China’s property sector, which accounts for approximately a quarter of the nation’s economy.

Trading Suspended Amidst Chairman’s Situation

Trading in Evergrande shares and two of its subsidiaries came to a halt on Thursday following reports that Hui Ka Yan had been taken into police custody and was being closely monitored at a designated location.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding investigation into Evergrande’s offshore asset transfers.

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