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Oil Prices Forecast: Surge in Brent and WTI as IEA Predicts Demand Growth in 2024

Oil Prices Forecast: Surge in Brent and WTI as IEA Predicts Demand Growth in 2024

Brent and WTI crude oil prices stage a notable weekly rebound, propelled by the positive demand outlook forecasted by the IEA for 2024.

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  • IEA Predicts a 1.1 Million Barrel Per Day Increase in Oil Demand for 2024.
  • Oil Prices Get a Boost from the Federal Reserve’s Cautiously Optimistic Position.
  • Global Oil Market Impacted by China’s Evolving Demand Trends.

Oil Prices Rally on Positive IEA Forecast and Weakening Dollar

Brent and WTI crude oil prices experience a notable weekly surge, attributing their first upward movement in two months to an optimistic demand outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA) for 2024 and a declining U.S. dollar.

Federal Reserve’s Influence: Anticipated Rate Cuts Drive Market Shift

The U.S. Federal Reserve, particularly influenced by Chair Jerome Powell, signals a shift in policy with expectations of potential borrowing cost reductions in the coming year, impacting oil prices significantly and marking the end of a historic tightening of monetary policy.

Fed’s Economic Outlook: Confidence in a Soft Landing Amid Inflation Concerns

The Federal Reserve adopts a changed stance, anticipating lower interest rates by the close of 2024. Despite inflation concerns, Powell expresses confidence in achieving a ‘soft landing’ for the economy, aiming for inflation to return to the Fed’s 2% target without triggering a substantial economic downturn.

Dollar Weakens, European Central Bank Holds Firm on Borrowing Costs

A four-month low in the U.S. dollar follows the Federal Reserve’s indication of a halt in interest rate hikes, making dollar-denominated oil more accessible internationally. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank maintains a commitment to higher borrowing costs despite lower inflation expectations.

IEA’s Upbeat Forecast and China’s Role in Shaping Global Oil Demand

The IEA revises its forecast, projecting a 1.1 million barrels per day increase in global oil consumption for 2024. China’s significant influence on oil demand persists, with signs of improvement in industrial output and retail sales, offering hope amid recent economic challenges.

Short-Term Outlook: Bullish Market Supported by Global Factors

Despite ongoing uncertainties, the oil market appears bullish in the short term, driven by the Federal Reserve’s dovish pivot, a weakened U.S. dollar, and gradual improvements in global demand.

Technical Analysis: Oil Prices Hover at Critical Juncture

Oil Prices: Technical Analysis

Source: Trading Compass

A technical analysis reveals the current daily price of Light Crude Oil Futures, signaling a potential bullish shift if the minor resistance level is breached. However, the market remains below key moving averages, indicating an overall bearish trend and positioning it at a critical juncture for a potential trend decision.


In summary, oil prices have rallied due to positive IEA forecasts, a weaker dollar, and the Federal Reserve’s dovish stance. Global factors, including China’s influence, contribute to a short-term bullish outlook. However, technical analysis signals a market at a critical juncture, emphasizing the need for careful monitoring amid ongoing uncertainties.


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