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Crypto Scams Exploit Israel-Hamas War, Donors Beware

Crypto Scams Exploit Israel-Hamas War, Donors Beware

As the tragic conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate, a surge of fraudulent crypto scams has emerged, seeking to exploit the crisis for financial gain. These deceitful entities manipulate emotions by posting graphic images of war victims and prey upon well-intentioned donors. Neither affiliated with any official charities nor endorsed by any recognized organizations, these campaigns are suspected to be outright scams.

Crypto Scams Exploiting Israel-Hamas War

One such account, dubbed “Gaza Relief Aid,” utilizes the domain, claiming to be an “Islamic Relief Initiative.” An absence of information about the people or organization behind it, apart from a few “press releases” and imagery of war victims, casts doubt on the legitimacy of this initiative.

According to BleepingComputer, the account operators have also listed their Ethereum and USDT addresses for donations. No donations have been sent to these addresses so far, though.

Similar accounts, asserting support for Israel and its victims, are also in circulation. For example, a “Donate for Israel” account has a linked cryptocurrency wallet with zero transactions so far. Unsurprisingly, this has raised suspicions about its genuineness.

As these scams continue to exploit the ongoing crisis, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky reports an alarming increase of over 500 scam emails and fraudulent websites seeking donations “for those affected on both sides.” These scams use emotional language and visuals to lure in donors. They then exploit these donors until there’s nothing left. These malicious campaigns accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin.

Governments and cybersecurity agencies need to collaborate to identify and shut down these fraudulent operations. This will guarantee the protection of the vulnerable and the unsuspecting. As the conflict continues to unfold, it is crucial for potential donors to exercise caution and diligence. This way, they can be sure their hard-earned money reaches its intended recipients.

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