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Inflation Data Awaited: Gold Reacts to Market and Dollar

Inflation Data Awaited: Gold Reacts to Market and Dollar

In the dynamic landscape of global markets, gold (XAU/USD) prices demonstrated a subtle rebound in Asian trade on Tuesday, hinting at a recovery from a challenging start to the year. The trajectory of the precious metal, often considered a safe haven, is intricately linked to market sentiment and, in this instance, a reassessment of expectations for early interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. This shift in perception comes just ahead of crucial U.S. inflation data awaited for release later this week.


  • Gold prices saw a slight recovery, with spot gold up 0.2% to $2,032.91 per ounce, and futures rising 0.3% to $2,038.85 per ounce. Despite the bounce, gold remains below December’s peak.
  • Earlier gold decline linked to a strong dollar rebounded as the dollar retreated from three-week highs. With inflation data awaited, the market is now closely monitoring U.S. inflation data for potential signals of rate cuts.
  • Traders await Thursday’s U.S. consumer price index (CPI) data, expecting a mild December pickup. The outcome may influence expectations for early Federal Reserve interest rate cuts.
  • Copper prices show a minimal 0.2% rise in March futures, settling at $3.8288 per pound. Attention on China’s economic data release, especially December’s inflation and trade figures, for insights into copper demand trends.

Gold: A Tale of Recovery Amid Rate Cut Speculations

As markets grappled with uncertainty, gold prices experienced a sharp decline below the $2,050 an ounce level over the past week, aligning with a dollar rebound fueled by robust labor market data. However, this week saw a glimmer of relief for gold as the dollar retreated from its three-week highs, supported by profit-taking activities. Despite this, the yellow metal remains below the peaks it reached in December.

Spot gold exhibited a modest 0.2% rise, reaching $2,032.91 per ounce, while gold futures for February displayed a 0.3% uptick, settling at $2,038.85 per ounce. Traders keenly await the release of U.S. inflation data, scheduled for Thursday, as a pivotal factor influencing market expectations for potential rate cuts.

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US Inflation Data Awaited for More Rate-Cut Cues

The anticipation surrounding the forthcoming U.S. consumer price index (CPI) data on Thursday has led market participants to recalibrate their expectations regarding early interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. A mild pickup in inflation for December is anticipated, complementing the strong nonfarm payrolls reading and providing the Fed with additional flexibility to maintain higher rates for an extended period.

Despite some trimming in expectations, the overall sentiment leans toward the dollar, evidenced by the CME Fedwatch tool revealing a 59.4% probability of a March rate cut, down from 64% on Monday. Atlanta Fed President Ralph Bostic emphasized the need for cautious optimism, citing inflation above the 2% target and signaling a bias towards maintaining policy tightness in the near term.

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Copper: Navigating Dollar Pressure and Chinese Economic Indicators

In the realm of industrial metals, copper prices experienced minimal movement on Tuesday, influenced by a resilient dollar and cautious anticipation of key economic readings from China, the world’s largest copper importer. Copper futures for March reflected a marginal 0.2% rise, settling at $3.8288 per pound, after a 2% decline in the first week of 2024.

As market participants await U.S. data, attention is also directed towards Chinese inflation and trade figures for December, set to be unveiled on Friday. Despite overall economic challenges, China’s copper imports displayed surprising resilience throughout most of 2023. Friday’s data release will offer insights into whether this trend persisted in December.


In conclusion, the markets find themselves at a juncture where the trajectory of gold and industrial metals is intricately linked to unfolding economic indicators and central bank decisions. The awaited U.S. inflation data and key Chinese economic figures will likely serve as significant determinants, shaping the landscape for gold prices and influencing investor sentiments. As uncertainties persist, market participants remain vigilant, with their focus on the Inflation Data Awaited, ready to adapt to evolving dynamics in the quest for informed decision-making.


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