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Ethereum Bull Cycle: Skippoors vs. Waitooors – Who Wins This Puberty Phase?

Ethereum Bull Cycle Skippoors vs. Waitooors - Who Wins This Puberty Phase

As the crypto market continues its rollercoaster ride, Ethereum, the pioneer of smart contract platforms, stands at a crossroads. Within the community of Ethereum bulls, divergent perspectives have emerged regarding the trajectory of its performance in the current Ethereum bull cycle. Let’s have a look on these contrasting viewpoints and analyze the factors at play.


  • Skippoors vs. Waitooors: Ethereum enthusiasts are divided on Ethereum’s performance in the current bull cycle.
  • Skippoors’ View: Ethereum’s focus on Layer 2 (L2) solutions might lead to muted performance as users navigate these new systems. This “adolescent phase” could cause Ethereum to miss out on the bull cycle.
  • Waitooors’ View: Ethereum’s strong fundamentals, established ecosystem, and upcoming advancements (zkEVMs, ETFs) position it for significant gains despite L2 challenges. They believe Ethereum’s commitment to scalability solutions will overcome temporary hurdles.

The Skippoors: Anticipating a Bypass

Some Ethereum enthusiasts, dubbed the “Skippoors,” foresee a scenario where Ethereum experiences a muted performance compared to Bitcoin during this bull cycle. Their rationale? Ethereum’s adolescence, characterized by the awkward transition to adulthood, symbolized by its embrace of Layer 2 solutions (L2s).

In this narrative, Ethereum’s mainnet is deemed prohibitively expensive for new users, prompting the platform to divert attention to L2s as a scaling solution. However, the challenge lies in attracting new buyers, particularly those drawn to meme coins or decentralized applications (dApps), who may be preoccupied with on-chain activities rather than exploring L2 options.

Despite the long-term potential of L2 solutions in scaling Ethereum and enhancing decentralization, the Skippoors argue that the platform’s current focus on L2s may lead to it being overlooked in the short term. Ethereum’s journey through this ‘puberty phase’ of development, though necessary for long-term viability, might result in it ‘skipping’ the current bull cycle.

The Waitooors: Anticipating the Ethereum Bull Cycle

On the flip side, we have the “Waitooors,” steadfast in their belief that the Ethereum bull is imminent. Contrary to the Skippoors, they assert that Ethereum’s evolution positions it as a prime contender for significant gains in this cycle.

From their vantage point, Ethereum has undergone substantial growth and development since the previous Ethereum bull cycle, boasting solid monetary economics and serving as the foundation for a multitude of projects and chains. The proliferation of Layer 2 solutions, alongside advancements such as zkEVMs and the prospect of Ethereum ETFs, underscores Ethereum’s resilience and adaptability.

Moreover, the Waitooors dismiss concerns about L2 fragmentation, asserting that Ethereum’s commitment to resolving scalability issues sets it apart from competitors who may incur ‘centralization debt’ in their pursuit of shortcuts.

In summary, the Waitooors maintain that Ethereum’s robust fundamentals and ecosystem support are primed to attract investors’ attention, leading to a surge in its valuation despite any temporary hurdles.


As Ethereum enthusiasts grapple with divergent outlooks, one thing remains clear: the crypto market is inherently unpredictable. While some anticipate Ethereum’s ascension to new heights, others advocate caution amid ongoing developmental challenges.

Ultimately, whether Ethereum ‘skips’ or surges in this bull cycle hinges on a multitude of factors, including market sentiment, technological advancements, and regulatory developments. As investors navigate this uncertain terrain, a nuanced understanding of Ethereum’s strengths and challenges will be crucial in formulating informed investment strategies.


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