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BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF Reaches $16.65 Billion AUM with 414 Holders

BlackRock's Spot Bitcoin ETF Reaches $16.65 Billion AUM with 414 Holders

BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF has made a sensational entry into the market, capturing the attention of financial analysts and investors alike. In an extraordinary performance, BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF has garnered over 400 holders in its initial reporting period, a feat described as “mind-boggling” by Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas.


  • Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas said BlackRock having more than 400 holders report they own its spot bitcoin ETF is a “mind boggling” result.
  • With $844 million worth of BlackRock’s ETF, Millennium Management led the way in terms of total shares owned, followed by Schonfeld Strategic Advisors and Aristeia Capital.

Impressive Initial Performance of BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF

The early success of BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF, trading under the ticker symbol IBIT, has set new records in the ETF space. According to the latest 13F filings, which require financial institutions to disclose their holdings, BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF reported 414 holders by the end of the first quarter of 2024. This remarkable achievement far surpasses typical expectations for a newly launched ETF. Balchunas highlighted that even 20 holders for a new ETF is considered significant, making the 414 holders of BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF exceptionally rare.

Detailed Insights from 13F Filings on BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF

For the past month and a half, 13F filings have been trickling in, providing detailed insights into the adoption of BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF. These filings reveal which organizations have invested in IBIT and the extent of their investments. The data shows a diverse array of financial institutions eagerly adding BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF to their portfolios, reflecting strong institutional confidence in the product.

Rapid Growth in Assets Under Management

BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF has experienced phenomenal growth in assets under management (AUM). From its launch in January 2024, the ETF has swelled from zero to an impressive $16.65 billion in AUM by mid-May. This rapid accumulation of assets underscores the high demand and trust in BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF among investors.

Leading Institutional Investors

Millennium Management has emerged as the largest holder of BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF, with an investment worth $844 million. Following Millennium Management, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors and Aristeia Capital hold significant stakes, with investments of $248 million and $163 million, respectively. These substantial investments from major institutional players highlight the growing acceptance and credibility of BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF in the financial markets.

Market Impact and Future Prospects

The exceptional early performance of BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF has significant implications for the broader market. The rapid adoption and substantial AUM growth signal a robust interest in bitcoin among institutional investors, potentially paving the way for increased mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency-based financial products.

Conclusion: A Milestone for Bitcoin ETFs

the launch of BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF marks a milestone in the evolution of bitcoin ETFs. With 414 reported holders and $16.65 billion in assets under management within a few months of its launch, BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF has set a new benchmark for success in the ETF industry. The strong institutional interest and rapid growth underscore the potential for further expansion and innovation in cryptocurrency investment products. As BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF continues to attract attention and investment, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the financial markets.

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