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How Solana Surges to 4th Place, Overtakes BNB in Market Cap Race?

How Solana Surges to 4th Place, Overtakes BNB in Market Cap Race

Solana meteoric rise in the cryptocurrency market has been nothing short of remarkable, with an 18% surge propelling it past Binance’s BNB in market capitalization. This surge has solidified SOL position as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, marking a pivotal moment in its journey after a prolonged two-year interval. This surge propelled SOL’s market cap to $41.9 billion, outstripping Binance Chain’s BNB by a narrow margin of $41.8 billion. Currently priced at $98.40, SOL’s surge marks a significant advancement, overtaking BNB’s market cap.

While this surge is noteworthy, it still leaves Solana trailing behind Ethereum’s monumental market cap, sparking discussions about its potential to challenge the leading cryptocurrencies.

Key Highlights:

  • Solana (SOL) surpasses Binance’s BNB in market cap following an 18% surge, securing the fourth spot in the crypto market hierarchy.
  • The surge places SOL’s market cap at $41.9 billion, overtaking BNB’s $41.8 billion, marking a significant milestone after two years.
  • Trezor adds support for Solana cryptocurrency and SPL tokens in its hardware wallets, reflecting the expanding crypto landscape.
  • Regulatory initiatives globally signal a growing focus on digital asset regulation, impacting the cryptocurrency market’s future.

A Swift Rise in Solana Position

Previously, Solana had recently surpassed XRP in market capitalization on December 21, marking a rapid climb in its standing among major cryptocurrencies. Over the past week, SOL has outperformed other major cryptocurrencies, registering a staggering 30% gain.

Solana Price 4 Hour Chart
Solana Price 4 Hour Chart
Source: Trading Compass

A Closer Look at Solana Journey

Solana’s resurgence to claim the fourth spot in market cap comes after a significant interval of over two years. In November 2021, during the peak of a bullish market cycle, held the same position with a market cap of $75 billion, albeit trailing behind BNB at $108 billion.

Comparative Trends and Analysis

Despite its label as the “ETH killer,” Solana still trails significantly behind Ethereum’s towering market cap of $269 billion. However, this recent surge positions as one of the year’s best-performing crypto assets, marking a remarkable turnaround from its valuation just under $10 at the close of 2022.

Solana ETH Price 4 Hour Chart
ETH Price 4 Hour Chart
Source: Trading Compass

Technical Analysis and Potential Impacts

While Solana’s surge has drawn attention and searches akin to Ethereum in the United States, technical analysts caution about a possible major market correction before the year concludes. The team’s recent review highlighted key events, including Bonk hype, Saga mobile device launch, AI integration, and institutional partnerships.

Bitcoin’s oscillations remain prominent as it retraced from a high of $44.4K to $43.7K, facing resistance around the $44.4K level for the past few weeks. Despite this, altcoins like Solana have shown resilience, with SOL correcting after an attempt to breach the $100 mark, yet still recording impressive gains.

SolanaFuture Projections and Developments

Forecasts suggest potential catalysts and historical trends could propel Bitcoin to $160K in a bullish market by 2024. Short-term predictions indicate demand from spot ETFs, the upcoming halving, and gains in stock markets post-US interest rate cuts might push Bitcoin’s price to at least $54K.

Trezor’s addition of support for Solana cryptocurrency and SPL tokens in its hardware wallets reflects the expanding landscape of blockchain-based tokens. Moreover, reports indicate a surge in the number of active addresses on the network compared to Ethereum, highlighting shifting trends in cryptocurrency usage.

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Solana Global Regulatory Initiatives and Legal Developments

Around the world, 42 countries have introduced initiatives to regulate digital assets, signifying a growing focus on cryptocurrency regulation. Legal proceedings in the US involving the seizure of Bitcoin linked to the Silk Road marketplace continue, showcasing ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency legal landscape.


Solana’s rapid surge and overtaking of Binance’s BNB in market cap underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. As Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies navigate fluctuations, market trends, regulatory actions, and technological advancements continue to shape the landscape, heralding a transformative era in the world of digital assets.


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