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Will Litecoin Break $100 Before the Bitcoin Halving?

Will Litecoin Break $100 Before the Bitcoin Halving?

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving, scheduled for April 2024, has cast a long shadow over the cryptocurrency market, prompting strategic investors to position themselves for potential price movements. This event, which cuts the block reward for Bitcoin miners in half, has triggered a shift in investment patterns across the crypto landscape, with particular focus on rival Proof-of-Work (PoW) projects like Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin Userbase Grows as Halving Nears

While Litecoin’s price currently sits around $89, representing a modest 12% monthly gain, on-chain data reveals a surge in new users entering the Litecoin ecosystem in anticipation of the Bitcoin Halving. This influx could potentially trigger a significant price increase for LTC.

Santiment’s “Total Amount of Holders” metric tracks the net growth of new funded wallets on a cryptocurrency network. This essentially gauges user acquisition and active investor growth. As of February 29th, the number of active Litecoin holders stood at 7.92 million. By March 25th, that figure had ballooned to 8.01 million unique addresses holding LTC. This translates to a net increase of 90,000 LTC holder wallets in March 2024.

A rise in funded wallets signifies not only a growth in user numbers but also a bullish indicator of fresh capital entering the Litecoin network. Speculation suggests that with Bitcoin mining rewards being halved on April 20th, many unprofitable miners may migrate to other PoW networks. As a result, strategic investors appear to be accumulating positions in prominent PoW networks like Litecoin, anticipating a positive impact on their prices and network health following the Bitcoin Halving.

Rocky Road to $100: Resistance and Support Levels

Historically, Litecoin price movements have exhibited a close and positive correlation with changes in the number of holders. Therefore, a sustained rise in funded wallets could very well propel Litecoin towards the $100 mark in the coming days. However, bulls face a significant hurdle in the near term – the $95 resistance zone.

According to Coinglass data, roughly $6.4 million worth of leveraged short LTC positions are set to be liquidated if Litecoin surpasses $94. This high-liquidity zone could entice strategic long traders to execute take-profit orders with minimal slippage, while short traders seeking to minimize losses might deploy stop-loss orders concurrently. These factors could trigger another Litecoin price pullback from the $94 area in the coming week.

On the other hand, considering the influx of fresh capital from new users flocking to Litecoin before the Bitcoin Halving, there’s a fair chance the price could overcome this hurdle and climb towards the predicted $100 mark. Conversely, if the broader crypto market experiences another downturn this week, Litecoin could see a reversal below $80. The chart, however, indicates that bulls might establish a strong support buy-wall around the $87 price point to prevent liquidations exceeding $7.2 million.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Halving as a Catalyst for Litecoin’s Growth

The impending Bitcoin Halving is undoubtedly a significant event for the cryptocurrency market. While the direct impact on Litecoin’s price remains to be seen, the surge in user interest and potential influx of miners from Bitcoin’s network paint a promising picture for LTC. With a potential surge in demand and new capital, Litecoin has a strong chance of breaking through the $95 resistance zone and reaching the much-anticipated $100 mark. However, broader market conditions and potential profit-taking by short-term traders could pose challenges in the short term. Regardless, the Bitcoin Halving serves as a significant catalyst for Litecoin’s growth, and its long-term prospects appear bright.


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