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Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event: Musk Deems It Tesla’s Best

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event: Musk Deems It Tesla's Best

On Thursday, Tesla Inc., a prominent electric vehicle leader, held the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event at its Giga Factory in Texas, commemorating the inaugural deliveries of the eagerly awaited electric pickup truck.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed distinguished guests during the event. Making a notable entrance by driving a Cybertruck into the venue and delivering his remarks from the bed of the vehicle. Musk underscored the rarity of a standout product. Asserting that every five to ten years, an extraordinary development emerges, with the Cybertruck representing one of those remarkable moments.

Despite initial skepticism from experts who deemed the Cybertruck an impractical vehicle, Musk proudly declared it as Tesla’s finest product. He expressed the belief that the Cybertruck signifies a realization of a futuristic vision. Stating that, “finally, the future will look like the future.”

Throughout the event, Musk utilized video presentations to showcase various features of the Cybertruck. Emphasizing its bulletproof design and highlighting its stability with a low center of gravity, ensuring it does not roll over.

Tesla Cybertruck: Musk Touts Durability, Towing Power, and Practicality in Demo Event

Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, recreated a moment that went viral four years ago. Featuring a demo Cybertruck unit with its window smashed. In a similar demonstration during Thursday’s event, a baseball thrown at the Tesla Cybertruck failed to break the window.

Elon Musk emphasized that the Cybertruck provides reassurance against concerns about rocks hitting the windows and causing cracks. He also highlighted the truck’s attributes, noting its smooth and quiet performance.

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A video presentation illustrated the formidable towing capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck, with Musk underscoring its prowess by showcasing its ability to outpull trucks from Ford Motor and Rivian Automotive.

Musk concluded by characterizing it as “an exceptionally practical truck.”

Cybertruck Deliveries Commence: Tesla’s Anticipated Launch, Production Goals, and Pricing Overview

In a video demonstration, the Tesla Cybertruck was featured on a drag strip, engaging in a race against a Porsche 911. Impressively, the footage revealed that the pickup truck surpassed the Porsche 911 in pulling speed.

Subsequent to Elon Musk’s presentation, the initial deliveries of the Cybertruck were executed.

The significance of this occurrence is rooted in the immense anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck launch, with Tesla confirming over one million reservations and third-party estimates suggesting a potential surpassing of two million reservations. Tesla aims to achieve an annual production of 250,000 Cybertruck units by 2025.

Tesla’s pricing details for the Cybertruck are accessible on the company’s website, presenting three models:

  1. Rear-wheel drive: 250 miles estimated range, deliveries in 2025, priced at $60,990.
  2. All-wheel drive: 340 miles estimated range, deliveries in 2024, priced at $79,990.
  3. Cyberbeast: 320 miles estimated range, deliveries in 2024, priced at $99,990.

These prices are presented before potential tax credits and savings, and a $250 refundable deposit is requisite for reserving the Cybertruck.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, with an Outperform rating and a $310 price target, anticipates a pricing range of $50,000 to $80,000 for the Cybertruck.

As of the latest price action, Tesla shares are trading at $239.98, within a 52-week trading range of $101.81 to $299.29.


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