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Mastercard Partners with MoonPay for Web3 Services

Mastercard Partners with MoonPay for Web3 Services

Mastercard has formed a strategic alliance with cryptocurrency payment platform MoonPay, with a focus on pioneering Web3-based experiential marketing and fostering stronger connections with Mastercard’s consumer base.

Mastercard Partners with MoonPay Unveiled

MoonPay officially disclosed their partnership with Mastercard on October 25, marking a significant step towards exploring the potential of Web3 tools to enhance experiential marketing and create novel avenues for engaging Mastercard’s customers.

Key Figures Unite

During the announcement at the Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, MoonPay’s Enterprise President, Keith Grossman, and Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Raja Rajamannar, shared the exciting news via X (formerly Twitter).

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Empowering Mastercard with Web3

Grossman highlighted the scope of their collaboration in a LinkedIn post, stating, “Mastercard will leverage MoonPay’s complete Web3 portfolio, encompassing auth to minting to ETHPass, and more. Additionally, they will collaborate closely with our agency, Otherlife, for strategy, creative, and front-end development work for their experiential initiatives.”

Integration for Compliance and Trust

Beyond pioneering new Web3 consumer experiences, Mastercard Partners with MoonPay mission includes integrating Mastercard’s products and solutions to bolster compliance and trust within the Web3 industry. Specifically, MoonPay will incorporate Mastercard tools such as “Click to Pay,” Mastercard Send, and Mastercard Crypto Credentials into their payment solutions.

Positive Remarks

Adam Polansky, Mastercard’s Web3 marketing specialist, expressed his enthusiasm, commenting, “We’re so grateful for the partnership and even more excited about what’s ahead. Congrats to the full team.” Elizabeth Taylor, Mastercard’s partnership executive, also conveyed her excitement, stating, “We are excited about this partnership and what’s to come.”

Mastercard Official Announcement Awaited

As of the time of writing, Mastercard had not issued an official statement regarding the collaboration. Responses to Cointelegraph’s request for comment were still pending.

Mastercard has been actively delving into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, consistently expanding its array of industry products. In 2022, Mastercard introduced a program enabling banks to offer crypto trading services to their customers in partnership with Paxos. Furthermore, the company collaborated with Coinbase and MoonPay to facilitate payments in the Web3 and nonfungible token sectors.

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