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CZ’s X Account Temporary Restriction Causes Strong Confusion

CZ's X Account Temporary Restriction

CZ’s X Account Temporary Restriction left Holders of Binance Coin (BNB) and staunch supporters of Changpeng Zhao (CZ) in a state of perplexity. As X Corp imposed restrictions on the account of the former Binance CEO.

Given CZ’s active presence on social media platforms, it was inevitable for his followers to take note of the situation. Although the restriction lasted a brief seven minutes, speculations quickly circulated, suggesting potential involvement of the U.S. government. This speculation gained traction as prosecutors involved in the legal proceedings opposed Zhao’s departure from the country. Following his release on a $175 million bail bond.


  1. Account Restriction and Speculation: Binance Coin (BNB) holders were surprised by CZ’s X Account Temporary Restriction. Sparking rumors of U.S. government involvement due to legal complications.
  2. BNB Market Stability: Despite Binance and CZ’s controversies, BNB’s market held steady at $235, with only a slight 0.30% 24-hour decrease. Showcasing resilience in the face of uncertainties.
  3. Insights on Binance’s Regulatory Challenges: Slava Demchuk, AMLBot co-founder, highlighted Binance’s rapid growth compromising Anti-Money Laundering measures. Suggesting that regulatory scrutiny could ultimately benefit the crypto sector by removing bad actors.

CZ Addresses Brief Account Restriction, BNB’s Stability, and Shifting Sentiment

Amid the prevailing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), CZ addressed the situation, attributing the brief restriction to a change in his profile name. Eventually, CZ successfully shared a “Happy Thanksgiving” message, marking the U.S. annual holiday.

Meanwhile, the impact of the Binance and CZ indictment on BNB appears to have stabilized. At the time of reporting, the coin’s price stood at $235. Reflecting a marginal 0.30% decrease over the past 24 hours. This resilience underscores BNB’s strength in the face of challenges.

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Similarly, the Weighted Sentiment surrounding BNB showed a cessation in its descent into negative territory. According to Santiment’s data assessed by AMBCrypto, the Weighted Sentiment was recorded at 0.083 at the time of writing.

This metric indicates a shift in market participants’ sentiment. Signaling a reduced bearish outlook compared to the initial period following the sanctions.

CZ’s X Account Temporary : AMLBot Co-founder’s Insights on Binance’s Regulatory Challenges

Regarding the Department of Justice (DOJ) ruling, Slava Demchuk, co-founder of AMLBot, a compliance solution for screening cryptocurrencies linked to illicit activities, provided insights. When asked about Binance’s failure to implement basic Anti-Money Laundering measures and the resulting violation, Demchuk explained, “Binance didn’t have to implement such measures at the time, allowing them to grow rapidly. The company expanded globally in an industry early in the stages of regulation, making misguided decisions along the way.”

Demchuk acknowledged that other exchanges might face similar regulatory scrutiny in the long run, emphasizing that such investigations could be beneficial for the crypto sector by eliminating bad actors.

The uncertainty persists regarding CZ’s potential travel to the UAE, while reports from CCN suggest that his final sentencing might occur in February 2024, with CZ facing a potential sentence of up to 18 months behind bars.


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