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Kava Chain and Fireblocks Collaborate to Boost DeFi Ecosystem Access

Kava Chain and Fireblocks

Kava Chain and Fireblocks are thrilled to announce their collaboration, aimed at enhancing access to the expanding Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. Kava Chain, the decentralized Cosmos-Ethereum interoperable Layer 1 blockchain, has integrated seamlessly with Fireblocks, the premier enterprise platform for managing digital asset operations and driving innovation within the blockchain space.

Streamlined DeFi Engagement

Idan Ofrat, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Fireblocks, expressed his enthusiasm by stating, “With the integration of Kava Chain onto the Fireblocks Network, we’re excited to bring Kava’s innovative suite of DeFi app protocols and Cosmos DeFi access to our customers. Over the past year, we have witnessed growing institutional interest in DeFi. Furthermore, Fireblocks’ robust security measures and customizable Transaction Authorization Policy (TAP) enable our customers to explore and innovate in the DeFi landscape without compromising their compliance and security requirements. We eagerly look forward to unlocking more opportunities for our customers in the future.”

Kava Chain: Expanding Institutional Horizons

Kava Chain and Fireblocks have joined forces to address a significant challenge faced by Kava Chain during bear markets. The absence of a sturdy connection to a multi-party computation (MPC) custody technology provider limited the participation of top-tier crypto institutions in on-chain dApps. Moreover, the integration with Fireblocks now extends access to over 1,800 leading digital asset and crypto institutions. Consequently, these institutions can securely custody KAVA tokens and access Kava-native assets, including Cosmos-native USDt — an asset exclusively issued on Kava Chain, selected by Tether.

Furthermore, this integration not only broadens institutional access to Kava but also equips Fireblocks customers to:

  • Engage in DeFi opportunities on platforms within the Kava ecosystem, such as Curve, Kinetix, and Hover.
  • Participate in market-making activities using Cosmos-native USDt on major exchanges.
  • Explore fresh USDt DeFi prospects on prominent Cosmos appchains.

Scott Stuart, Co-founder of Kava Chain, emphasized the significance of Kava Chain in the arbitrage market making arena. He stated, “With the Fireblocks integration, centralized exchanges (CEXs) and major market makers now have a capital-efficient avenue for cross-chain arbitrage. Instead of incurring high gas fees on Ethereum, they can efficiently transfer USDt between ecosystems using Kava. We are excited about the future and the value this integration brings to our community.”

For more updates, stay connected with Kava Chain and Fireblocks on X (formerly known as Twitter).

About Kava
Kava Chain is a secure, lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain that combines the developer capabilities of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos, all within a single scalable network. Committed to fostering innovation and growth, Kava Chain is the trusted choice for developers and users worldwide.

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