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London-based BidX Markets Rebrands as Multi Asset Solutions


London-based FCA-regulated liquidity and white label broker solutions provider BidX Markets is undergoing a significant transformation, rebranding itself as Multi Asset Solutions. The company, known for its tailored access to Tier 1 liquidity and white label trading platforms, has officially changed its corporate name from BidX Markets Limited to Multi Asset Solutions Limited, effective February 28, 2024.

BidX Markets: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

BidX Markets, founded in 2021 by CEO Simon Blackledge, has been a prominent figure in the financial services industry. Blackledge, previously involved with MT4/MT5 white label solutions provider itexsys, aimed to revolutionize the brokerage sector with BidX’s innovative approach. The London-headquartered firm has been pivotal in providing brokers, asset managers, and funds with cutting-edge liquidity, connectivity, and distribution services.

In FY2023, BidX Markets experienced a remarkable surge, tripling its revenues to surpass £1 million, marking a significant milestone in its second full year of operation. Notably, the company expanded its offerings by introducing a Spread Betting platform tailored for professional traders. The recent addition of senior talent, including CFO Liam Bonfield, further underscores BidX’s commitment to growth and excellence.

A key moment in BidX’s journey was the strategic investment it received from non-bank market maker Solid in 2022, securing a 9.9% ownership stake in the company. Despite this external support, CEO Simon Blackledge retains a majority ownership stake of over 75%, reaffirming his dedication to BidX, now transitioning to Multi Asset Solutions.

The inception of BidX Markets in November 2021 marked a significant milestone for Simon Blackledge and his team. With FCA approval secured earlier that year, BidX aimed to address the growing demand for market-neutral solutions connecting various entities in the financial landscape. The founding team, comprising industry experts from Barclays Capital, LMAX, and BNP Paribas, along with strategic technology partners like Beeks Financial Cloud and Gold-i, positioned BidX as a formidable player in the market.

The decision to rebrand as Multi Asset Solutions reflects the company’s evolving vision and commitment to offering comprehensive solutions across multiple asset classes. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, BidX / Multi Asset Solutions remains poised to adapt and innovate, ensuring its clients receive unparalleled services and support.

While the formal announcement and unveiling of the new brand are imminent, the industry eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the journey of this London-based powerhouse, now known as Multi Asset Solutions.


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