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Japanese Yen Slides as BoJ Deputy Governor’s Dovish Remarks Echo

Japanese Yen Slides as BoJ Deputy Governor's Dovish Remarks Echo

The Japanese Yen (JPY) continues its decline for the second consecutive day, driven by dovish remarks from Bank of Japan (BoJ) Deputy Governor Uchida Shinichi. Amidst a prevailing risk-on sentiment, Uchida’s comments, signaling a cautious approach to rate hikes even after ending negative rates, have pressured the traditionally safe-haven JPY. However, the subdued performance of the US Dollar (USD) presents a counterbalance to the USD/JPY pair.


  • The Japanese Yen loses traction after BoJ Deputy Governor Uchida’s remarks. 
  • A positive risk tone further undermines the JPY and lends support to USD/JPY.
  • The uncertain Fed rate cut path weighs on the USD and should cap the upside.

Dovish BoJ Comments Weigh on Japanese Yen (JPY)

BoJ Deputy Governor Uchida Shinichi reiterated the challenge of achieving the price target sustainably, contributing to the downward pressure on the Japanese Yen. He emphasized the deep negative real interest rates and accommodative monetary conditions, suggesting a reluctance to aggressively hike rates despite potential policy shifts.

BoJ’s Policy Stance and Fed’s Influence on USD/JPY Pair

The BoJ’s recent signaling of confidence in achieving inflation targets and potential rate adjustments in upcoming meetings hints at a shift in policy stance. Factors such as positive developments in annual wage negotiations and indications of a protracted accommodative stance, even with the abandonment of negative rates, shape the outlook for the Japanese economy and BoJ’s future actions.

The US Dollar’s performance, influenced by Federal Reserve (Fed) expectations and economic indicators, acts as a significant factor in the USD/JPY pair dynamics. Despite signals from Fed officials suggesting a reluctance to lower interest rates immediately, market expectations of rate cuts persist, impacting the USD’s strength against the JPY.

Japanese Yen (JPY): Technical Analysis

Technically, the USD/JPY pair faces resistance near the 148.70-80 region, with potential for further gains if this barrier is breached. However, caution is advised due to the formation of multiple tops in this area. Conversely, a break below key support levels could deepen the JPY’s losses against the USD.


The Japanese Yen’s decline persists amid dovish signals from the BoJ and ongoing market speculation regarding future monetary policy directions. While the USD’s performance against the JPY remains influenced by Fed expectations and technical factors, the broader economic landscape shapes the outlook for the currency pair.


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