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Dollar Inches Upward Ahead of Crucial Federal Reserve Meeting

Dollar Inches Upward Ahead of Crucial Federal Reserve Meeting

On Wednesday, the U.S. dollar saw a slight uptick as traders anxiously awaited the outcome of the Federal Reserve policy meeting, hoping for clues regarding potential interest rate cuts. The dollar inches upward, with the U.S. dollar index rising 0.1% to 103.86, partially recovering from the previous day’s decline. Meanwhile, Sterling faced pressure following the UK’s economic contraction in October, raising recession concerns and complicating the Bank of England’s stance on rate cuts amidst the Federal Reserve meeting.


  • raders anticipate insights on potential rate cuts from the Federal Reserve meeting.
  • Sterling performs poorly as UK economy shows contraction, complicating the Bank of England’s stance against rate cuts.
  • Investors keenly watch the Federal Reserve’s dot plot projections, considering them more impactful than Chair Powell’s comments on rate cuts.
  • Multiple central banks, including ECB, BoE, Norges Bank, and SNB, are meeting. Speculation surrounds the Bank of Japan’s potential shift in its negative rate policy.

Sterling Weakens Amidst UK Economic Contraction, Posing Challenge for Bank of England

Federal Reserve officials are set to provide updated economic projections, and market participants keenly await any indications on interest rate cuts. Analysts focus on Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s stance and the crucial dot plot, which may outweigh verbal statements in shaping market expectations. Recent signs suggest a soft landing, but unexpected consumer price increases in November have added uncertainty. The futures market reflects expectations of up to four quarter-point rate cuts in 2024.

Investors closely watch Federal Reserve Meeting dot plot as Chair Powell addresses rate cut expectations

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OANDA strategist Craig Erlam underscores the significance of the dot plot during the Federal Reserve meeting, suggesting potential mismatches between market pricing and the Fed’s message. Powell’s stance on rate cuts may not be aggressive, but the dot plot could shape market perceptions. If the Fed resists rate cuts, the market, currently anticipating them, might see the dollar index potentially revert to the October range of 105-107.

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Global Central Banks Face Decisions: ECB, BoE, Norges Bank, and SNB to Meet This Week

Looking ahead, central banks including the European Central Bank, Bank of England, Norges Bank, and Swiss National Bank are set to meet, with the Norwegian central bank being the sole potential candidate for a rate hike. The Bank of Japan’s upcoming meeting contributes to yen volatility amid speculation about the end of its negative rate policy.


the global market remains on edge as central banks navigate economic uncertainties. The Fed’s messaging and the outcomes of upcoming central bank meetings will play a crucial role in shaping currency dynamics, with the focus shifting from verbal statements to policy projections.

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