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Farewell Naga: A Decade-Long Journey of Passion, Hustle and Growth

Farewell Naga: A Decade-Long Journey of Passion, Hustle and Growth

“Man, it’s been a ride,” Ben Bilski reminisces, a hint of nostalgia tinging his voice. Today, he announces his departure from Naga, the social trading platform he co-founded nearly a decade ago.

A Spark in a Dorm Room: The Birth of Naga

“Imagine Amsterdam, 2014,” Bilski begins, painting a picture with his words. “Stuck in my dorm room, battling a fever, this crazy idea hit me – SwipeStox, like Tinder, but for stock trading!” He envisioned a gamified, social approach to investing, making the financial markets more accessible and engaging for a new generation.

With a whitepaper and a basic presentation, the seeds of Naga were sown. “Who knew that spark would turn into a ten-year adventure that would change the way people trade?” Bilski chuckles.

From Humble Beginnings to Unicorn Status

Naga’s growth trajectory was nothing short of phenomenal. “We secured almost $100 million in investments, reaching a peak valuation of a mind-blowing $500 million,” Bilski beams. “At our peak, we had a team of nearly 350 people, all pushing the boundaries of social trading together.”

Bilski acknowledges the complexity of Naga’s story. “It’s a story that deserves a whole book,” he says. “The highs were exhilarating – pitches, presentations, conferences, you name it. But there were lows too, rejections and setbacks that became valuable lessons.”

Life in the Fast Lane: The Adrenaline Rush of Finance

“The world of finance gets glamorized a lot,” Bilski admits. “But behind the scenes, it’s about sharp minds, strategic thinking, and a ton of hustle.” He describes the whirlwind of his experience – negotiating with billionaires, captivating audiences, and managing a rapidly growing company.

The School of Hard Knocks: Lessons from the Trenches

“Every meeting, every funding round, every win and loss – they all taught me something,” Bilski emphasizes. “The real education happened in the trenches, not in classrooms.”

A New Chapter for Naga

“Naga’s story isn’t over,” Bilski assures. “The new leadership team is incredible, and they have the vision to take Naga even further. The foundation we built – a unique product and cutting-edge tech – will propel them forward.”

A Fond Farewell and an Exciting Future

“While my ownership stake wasn’t massive,” Bilski clarifies, “I poured my heart and soul into Naga. There were times I carried a heavy load, but that’s the entrepreneur’s life, right?”

Looking back, Bilski expresses his gratitude. “To everyone who shared this journey with me – my colleagues, partners, everyone – thank you for the ride, the struggles, and the triumphs.”

The Invitation: Let’s Build Something Remarkable Together

“My fire for innovation isn’t dimming,” Bilski declares. “I’m excited to create, build, and push boundaries again. If you share that passion, reach out! Let’s build something remarkable together.”

The Legacy of Naga

As Bilski steps away, Naga’s story continues. It’s a testament to the power of dreams, relentless hustle, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Bilski has no doubt that Naga will continue to soar in the years to come.


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