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Skilled Funded Traders Shuts Down, Raising Questions About Prop Trading Firm’s Future

Skilled Funded Traders Shuts Down, Raising Questions About Prop Trading Firm's Future

Skilled Funded Traders (SFT), a prop trading firm that offered funded accounts to successful traders, has abruptly ceased operations. This news comes just one day after the closure of another prop firm, The Funded Trader, which also appears to be connected to the same parent company. The sudden shutdown of SFT has left many aspiring traders wondering about the future of the company and the prop trading industry as a whole.

What is Skilled Funded Traders?

Skilled Funded Traders offered a unique opportunity for aspiring traders. Through a multi-stage evaluation process, traders could demonstrate their skills using a simulated account. If successful, SFT would provide them with a real, funded account to trade with the firm’s capital. This allowed traders to bypass the need for significant startup capital and potentially build a successful trading career.

The Sudden Closure and its Implications

The reasons behind the closure of Skilled Funded Traders remain unclear. The company’s website displays a service termination message, but offers no details on the cause or potential future plans. This lack of transparency has fueled speculation within the trading community. Some theories suggest financial difficulties, while others point to potential regulatory issues.

The shutdown of SFT, following closely on the heels of The Funded Trader’s closure, raises concerns about the stability of prop trading firms in general. Prop firms often rely on complex financial structures and strict risk management practices. The sudden closure of two seemingly connected firms suggests that these structures might be vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances.

What Does This Mean for Aspiring Traders?

For aspiring traders who were hoping to utilize SFT’s program, the closure represents a setback. However, there are still other prop trading firms offering similar opportunities. It’s important for aspiring traders to thoroughly research these firms before engaging with them. Carefully review a firm’s track record, fees, and risk management protocols.

The closure of SFT also highlights the importance of responsible trading practices. Regardless of whether a trader is using their own capital or a funded account, proper risk management and a focus on long-term sustainability are crucial for success.


The abrupt shutdown of Skilled Funded Traders is a significant development in the prop trading industry. While the reasons for the closure remain unclear, it raises questions about the stability of similar firms. Aspiring traders should carefully consider these developments and conduct thorough research before engaging with any prop trading program. However, with proper diligence and a focus on responsible trading practices, there are still opportunities for skilled individuals to thrive in the prop trading environment.

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