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Ethereum ETF Approval Advances: SEC Requests Prompt S-1 Filings

Ethereum ETF Approval Advances SEC Requests Prompt S-1 Filings

The approval process for spot Ethereum ETFs is gaining momentum as the SEC sets a tight deadline for the submission of draft S-1 forms. This move marks a significant step toward Ethereum ETF approval, which could pave the way for trading to begin in the near future. Prospective issuers are now in a race against time to meet the SEC’s requirements, with a focus on getting their filings in order to facilitate the long-awaited Ethereum ETF approval.

The Path to Ethereum ETF Approval

After the SEC approved the necessary 19b-4 forms on May 23, the final hurdle for Ethereum ETF approval is the effectiveness of the S-1 forms. These forms must be meticulously prepared and approved by the SEC before any trading can commence. The sudden shift in the SEC’s stance has accelerated the timeline, leaving issuers scrambling to meet the new demands.

Issuers Respond to SEC’s Call for S-1 Forms

In response to the SEC’s directive, issuers are working diligently to ensure their draft S-1 filings are submitted by the designated Friday deadline. This initial submission will be followed by rounds of feedback and amendments from the SEC, a standard procedure in the process of gaining Ethereum ETF approval.

VanEck wasted no time, submitting an amended S-1 form immediately after the approval of the 19b-4 forms. On May 30, BlackRock followed suit, detailing that its ETF would be seeded with $10 million. According to sources, while the seed investment details are straightforward, other elements of the S-1 forms may require more extensive revisions.

Expected Timeline for Ethereum ETF Approval

Analysts predict that it will take several weeks for the S-1 forms to go through the necessary rounds of amendments and feedback. The timeline for Ethereum ETF approval could extend to a few months if the review process encounters significant delays. Nonetheless, some traders view this potential delay positively, as it allows for thorough preparation and reduces the risk of future complications.


The drive for Ethereum ETF approval is well underway, with issuers working tirelessly to meet the SEC’s stringent requirements. The submission of draft S-1 forms by the upcoming deadline is a crucial step in this process. While the road to Ethereum ETF approval may be complex and time-consuming, the progress made thus far is a promising indicator of the potential for these financial instruments to enter the trading arena soon. As the industry eagerly awaits the SEC’s final decision, the successful approval of Ethereum ETFs could mark a transformative moment in the world of cryptocurrency investments.

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