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Latest RBA Monetary Policy Moves: Inflation, Rates, and Economic Forecasts

Latest RBA Monetary Policy Moves: Inflation, Rates, and Economic Forecasts

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently held its highly anticipated monetary policy decision press conference, spearheaded by RBA Governor Michele Bullock. The discussions centered on crucial aspects of the economy, particularly regarding inflation risks and the strategy to bring it within the target range. This article delves into the key highlights of the press conference, the maintained hawkish tone of the RBA Rate Statement, and the insights provided in the Quarterly Statement of RBA Monetary Policy.


  • The RBA left the Cash Rate unchanged at 4.35% on Tuesday.
  • The first RBA Press Conference focused on inflation risks, employment, and growth forecasts.
  • Before the press conference, RBA Board members surprised the markets with a more hawkish-than-expected Rate Statement.

RBA Monetary Policy Decision Press Conference

During the press conference, Governor Michele Bullock emphasized the paramount importance of steering inflation towards the target range. Despite market pricing concerns, Bullock underscored the necessity of achieving this objective, considering the current inflation rate, which she deemed too high. Productivity was projected to rebound in the Australian economy over time, with the RBA maintaining a balanced view on associated risks.

RBA Rate Statement and Hawkish Sentiments

The RBA’s decision to maintain the Cash Rate at 4.35% was accompanied by a hawkish stance in the Rate Statement, despite softer inflation figures in Q4. The board highlighted persistent inflation, primarily driven by services price increases, and expressed caution regarding future wage growth. While central forecasts anticipated inflation returning to the target range by 2025, uncertainties loomed over the economic outlook, particularly concerning household consumption and employment.

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Quarterly Statement of RBA Monetary Policy

The Quarterly Statement of Monetary Policy echoed the subdued growth and employment forecasts, with notable downward revisions in inflation expectations. GDP growth projections for H1 2024 were adjusted downwards, alongside an anticipated rise in the unemployment rate. However, the RBA remained optimistic about inflation returning to the desired range by December 2025, despite revising near-term inflation figures downwards.

AUD/USD Reaction

The AUD/USD experienced fluctuations in response to the RBA’s announcements. Prior to the statements and press conference, the currency pair dipped before recovering slightly. However, post-announcement, it exhibited a more significant uptrend, reflecting market sentiments and reactions to the RBA’s monetary policy outlook.


The recent RBA monetary policy decisions and accompanying statements have provided insights into the central bank’s approach towards managing inflation risks and economic uncertainties. With a maintained hawkish tone and cautious optimism regarding inflation targets, the RBA aims to navigate the evolving economic landscape while balancing monetary policy adjustments. As market participants digest these developments, continued attention to economic indicators and RBA communications will be pivotal in shaping future market trends and policy expectations.


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