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US Dollar rises as Euro Weakens on Poor Economic Data

US Dollar rises as Euro Weakens on Poor Economic Data

US dollar rises agian after demonstrated initial volatility. As briefly touching a one-month low, due to a decline in U.S. bond yields.

Influenced by lackluster economic data that prompted a depreciation of the euro.

The release of survey data indicated an unanticipated deterioration in business activity across the euro zone in the current month, suggesting a broad-based economic downturn within the region and raising concerns of a potential recession.

Of particular concern were findings from Germany. the Purchasing Managers’ Index survey revealed that the service sector had joined the beleaguered manufacturing sector in contraction territory.

The depreciation of the euro had a direct effect on the U.S. dollar index, which measures the U.S. currency against other major currencies.

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It recorded a 0.33% increase, reaching 105.95, after having fallen to 105.35, its lowest level since September 22.

Jane Foley, the Head of FX Strategy at Rabobank, noted that the relative weakness of the euro zone and German economies in comparison to the United States was likely to temper significant declines in the U.S. dollar. She pointed to several factors contributing to this. That include a slowdown in China, elevated energy costs, and demographic challenges impacting Germany’s production sector.

Global Financial Markets React to U.S. Bond Yield Surge as Dollar Rises

In the light of US dollar rise situation, Global financial markets have been closely monitoring the surge in U.S. bond yields.

The 10-year Treasury yield surpassing 5% on Monday, marking its highest level since July 2007. This surge initially bolstered the U.S. dollar index to nearly a one-year high earlier this month.

Nonetheless, this uptrend in yields experienced an abrupt reversal on Monday.

With a significant catalyst being a social media announcement by prominent hedge fund investor Bill Ackman. In his message, he disclosed the closure of his position against longer-dated bonds and cited geopolitical concerns as a contributing factor. It is imperative to understand that bond yields tend to rise as bond prices fall and vice versa.

U.S. Dollar rises: Yen Nears 150 Mark, Swiss Franc and Pound React to Data and Geopolitics

The U.S. dollar slightly appreciated against the Japanese yen, nearing 150. That potentially raising concerns about government intervention to stabilize the yen.

Earlier, the dollar had a lower valuation against the yen. Next week, U.S. GDP data and inflation figures may cause bond yields and currency markets to fluctuate. Kyle Rodda, a Senior Financial Market Analyst at, highlighted the yen’s sensitivity to strong U.S. economic data.

That especially if it leads to Treasury yields exceeding 5%. The U.S. dollar also gained 0.29% against the Swiss franc reaching 0.8935 francs.

British pound depreciated by 0.3% to $1.2212 due to a minor UK labor market slowdown in the three months leading to August.

Upcoming Central Bank Decisions and Bitcoin Surge: A Weekly Overview

Upcoming noteworthy events include the Bank of England’s interest rate decision, scheduled for the following Thursday, following the Federal Reserve’s decision on the preceding Wednesday. The European Central Bank’s meeting is set to conclude this Thursday as well, with market expectations leaning toward all three central banks maintaining their current interest rates.

In the domain of cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin continued its ascent during Asian trading hours. Reaching $35,198, its highest value since May 2022. This surge was attributed to speculation surrounding the imminent introduction of an exchange-traded Bitcoin fund.

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