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Ukraine Expects Record Number of Drone Attacks This Winter, Says Air Force Spokesperson


Ukraine is bracing for what its air force spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat, is calling a “record” number of drone attacks this winter. Ihnat’s statement comes as Kyiv prepares for a second winter of mass bombardment of its critical energy facilities.

Ihnat revealed that data from September has already shown a substantial increase in the deployment of Iranian-designed Shahed kamikaze drones by Russia. Thus, surpassing last year’s figures.

Alarming Statistics

“This autumn and winter…is already a record in terms of the number of Shahed drones. Over 500 (were used) in September,” Ihnat stated during a recent national television interview.

Comparing the current situation to the previous winter. Therefore, Ihnat noted that around 1,000 Shahed drones were utilized in a six-month period. This is done during Russia’s air strike campaign on Ukraine.

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Energy Facilities at Risk

Last winter’s attacks on energy facilities wreaked havoc on Ukraine’s power system. Thus, leading to widespread electricity and hot water rationing in most cities.

Despite Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen its air defenses, officials are cautioning about repeat of last winter’s events. The power grid remains fragile and far from fully restored after the previous bombardment campaign.

In related news, Ukraine is ramping up its security measures to safeguard against the looming drone threat this winter.

Ukraine’s concerns are shared by international partners. However, as the potential consequences of a sustained drone campaign on energy facilities could extend beyond the nation’s borders. As the winter season approaches, the world watches closely, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing tensions.

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