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UK Politicians, via the Metaverse, Address Blockchain and Web3

UK Politicians, via the Metaverse, Address Blockchain and Web3

Some UK politicians participated in a public Metaverse gathering on September 20th to discuss the United Kingdom’s priorities and vision surrounding blockchain and Web3 technology. 51 nations were present as the UK highlighted its commitment to the cryptocurrency world.

UK Politicians in the Metaverse

Politicians from the UK took to a Metaverse gathering and delved into the myriad opportunities and challenges arising from the development of Web3 technology. A notable attendee was Natalie Elphicke, a Member of Parliament for the Dover Constituency.

During her keynote, Elphicke underscored the UK’s potential to become a blockchain-enabled “smart country.” However, she noted that the UK would need more requisite talent and investment for such a feat.

The Al-Party Parliamentary Group

This Metaverse gathering comes on the heels of the September 13th launch of the UK Parliament’s new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for blockchain technologies. The APPG plans to explore the potential of blockchain and Web3 technology to benefit UK businesses and drive economic growth. This initiative is part of the country’s wider strategy to position itself as a significant crypto and blockchain hub.

In April 2022, the UK government outlined a plan to take a lead in crypto technology and investments. After a budget release in March, the government’s commitment to leading the future of web tech became apparent. Evidently, the UK is eager to embrace the blockchain-powered era of the Internet.

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