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Tech Stocks Lead NASDAQ Retreat, SP500 Resilient, Dow Jones Sees Upside

Tech Stocks Lead NASDAQ Retreat, SP500 Resilient, Dow Jones Sees Upside

In today’s market update, we observe a dynamic landscape primarily influenced by the performance of tech stocks. The NASDAQ index experiences a retreat driven by profit-taking, particularly in AI-related stocks such as NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices. Meanwhile, the SP500 oscillates amid waiting for catalysts and faces resistance levels, while the Dow Jones gains traction with the support of key components like Nike. Let’s delve into the details of each index’s movement in the realm of tech stocks.

Tech Stocks Market Update

NASDAQ Retreats Amid Profit-Taking:

The NASDAQ index witnesses a downturn as traders opt for profit-taking strategies, notably in AI-related stocks like NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices. With these stocks hovering near historic highs, the impulse to secure gains is unsurprising. Currently, NASDAQ aims to settle below crucial support levels at 17,450 – 17,500, hinting at a potential downward trajectory towards the 16,950 – 17,000 range.

SP500 Swings Amid Waiting for Catalysts:

The SP500 index experiences volatility as traders await catalysts to guide market direction. Amid this anticipation, attention is drawn to the RCM/TIPP Economic Optimism Index report, indicating a decline in economic optimism from January to February. Despite the pullback in Treasury yields, SP500 fails to receive significant support, particularly due to the pressure exerted by the retreat in tech stocks. Technical analysis reveals SP500’s struggle to surpass resistance at 4960 – 4970, with potential upside momentum contingent on breaching this level and testing the psychologically significant 5000 mark.

Dow Jones Gains Momentum Supported by Key Components:

Contrary to NASDAQ’s retreat, the Dow Jones index gains ground propelled by upward movements in its majority components. Notably, Nike rebounds from multi-week lows, bolstering Dow Jones’ performance. To sustain this momentum, Dow Jones needs to secure settlements above critical resistance levels at 38,500 – 38,550, paving the path for potential tests of recent highs near the 38,800 mark.


In the realm of tech stocks, market dynamics continue to unfold with distinct patterns across major indices. While profit-taking pressures NASDAQ, the SP500 navigates through volatility awaiting decisive catalysts, and the Dow Jones benefits from the resilience of key components. As traders assess market conditions, attention remains focused on the evolving landscape of tech stocks and their impact on broader market sentiment.


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