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Sam Bankman Fried Book Author—That’s “Crazy!” I’m Not Showing Too Much Sympathy

Sam Bankman Fried Book Author—That’s “Crazy!” I’m Not Showing Too Much Sympathy

Critics are very much on the matter of Michael Lewis after he authored a book about Sam Bankman Fried, the co-founder of FTX. They accused Michael of being too sympathetic towards SBF on X (formerly Twitter). The author has stood his ground, though, saying it’s “crazy” to think he was too soft on SBF in his book.

Michael Lewis Defends Claims in His Sam Bankman Fried Book

During an interview with ABC News, Michael Lewis asserted that his perspective in his Sam Bankman Fried book was different from the one being painted by the prosecutor and the defense. He, however, was showing SBF from a perspective no one else was seeing.

“They’re two stories — the defense is offering one and the prosecution is offering another,” he said. “I have a completely different one with lots of other stuff that they haven’t been mentioning that leaves the reader with the possibility of thinking lots of different things”

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He also accused the critics of having a lynch-mob mentality against SBF  without really knowing what happened. “I think a lot of people are certain about what happened when they don’t actually know what happened,” he said.

Another comment that irked the critics was when Michael claimed that FTX was not a Ponzi Scheme in a conversation with CBS News. He said the business structure at FTX categorically made it not a Ponzi scheme. Instead, he explained that the FTX business had two arms: the crypto exchange and Alameda Research.

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The SBF trial is still ongoing.

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