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Reddit IPO: Trade Today? Here’s What You Need to Know About eToro and Beyond

Reddit IPO: Trade Today? Here's What You Need to Know About eToro and Beyond

The highly anticipated Reddit IPO (Initial Public Offering) has arrived, and investors are eager to get a piece of the action. While eToro, a popular online brokerage, is offering Reddit stock (ticker symbol: $RDDT) for trading, there are some important details to consider before you jump in.

Reddit IPO: Trading on eToro and Beyond

Reddit IPO: Trading on eToro and Beyond

eToro’s update highlights a key point: trading won’t be available immediately after the IPO. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Exchange Listing: The stock needs to be officially listed on the exchange after the IPO. This process usually takes some time, and trading typically doesn’t begin at the opening bell but later in the trading session.
  • Liquidity: Liquidity providers need to have enough readily available shares ($RDDT) for eToro to offer them for trading. Until there’s sufficient liquidity, eToro won’t open the asset for investors.

What This Means for You: While eToro anticipates offering $RDDT “tomorrow, March 21st, once conditions allow it,” there might be a delay of a few hours. You can add $RDDT to your watchlist to stay updated on its availability.

Initial Price on eToro: Keep in mind that the initial price offered on eToro might differ from the official IPO price. This is because eToro uses liquidity providers, who may set slightly different prices based on supply and demand.

Alternative Platform: Trading Reddit IPO on AÐSS (ADSS)

While you might encounter a wait on eToro, other brokers might offer faster access to trade the Reddit IPO. One such option is AÐSS

A Brief Look at AÐSS: AÐSS is a growing online brokerage known for its user-friendly platform and focus on emerging market stocks. They often prioritize providing access to new IPOs like Reddit’s. However, it’s crucial to do your own research on AÐSS before investing. Consider factors like platform fees, account minimums, and available investment options before deciding if AÐSS aligns with your investment goals.


The Reddit IPO presents an exciting opportunity for investors. However, with the initial wait on eToro and potential price differences, it’s important to be prepared. Explore alternative platforms like AÐSS while keeping an eye on eToro’s updates. Most importantly, conduct your own research and invest responsibly.


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