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QPR Software Expects Strong Sales Amidst SaaS Transition

QPR Software

Finnish Software Firm Foresees Consistent Revenue Despite Consulting Cuts

Finnish software company, QPR Software, announced on Monday its optimistic outlook for maintaining steady annual net sales in 2023. Even as some consulting projects have been curtailed. The company’s confidence stems from the rapid expansion of its software business. Poised to achieve a remarkable 35% growth in its 2023 SaaS (Software as a Service) turnover.

Shifting to Profitable SaaS and Software Sectors

The pivot towards lucrative SaaS and software sectors, in conjunction with strategic consulting in key areas expects to facilitate QPR Software’s recovery from a €1.75 million EBITDA loss reported last year. The company has executed substantial cost-saving measures, firmly believing that these measures will result in profitability that surpasses expectations.

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Stability Amid Market Changes in QPR Software

QPR Software is also forecasting business stability. Thus aiming to sustain its €7.8 million turnover from 2022, even in the face of evolving market conditions and alterations to its business model. This projection underscores the company’s resilience during these transformations.

Well-Positioned for Financial Success

With an upswing in non-consulting activities accompanying the burgeoning SaaS sector, QPR Software is well-prepared for a financially stability. This proactive approach and focus on the SaaS market is set to contribute significantly to the company’s robust sales outlook for the year.

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