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OPEC to Participate at UN Climate Change Conference 2023 in Dubai

OPEC to Engage at UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is set to actively participate in the forthcoming UN Climate Change Conference scheduled from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, UAE.

OPEC’s Role in the Conference

Led by HE Haitham Al Ghais, the Secretary General of OPEC, the Secretariat will play a pivotal role during the High-Level Segment on December 10. Alongside this, it will engage in crucial meetings and host a dedicated pavilion in the Conference’s Blue Zone.

Al Ghais’ Perspective

Expressing pride in the United Arab Emirates’ hosting of this significant global event, HE Al Ghais highlighted the gathering’s importance in history. Noteworthy leaders, decision-makers, experts, and officials from OPEC Member Countries will convene in Dubai for pivotal discussions and negotiations on global issues.

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OPEC’s Stance and Objectives

The OPEC Secretariat aims to spotlight its standpoint on climate change and global mitigation market endeavors throughout the conference. It also intends to emphasize the substantial contributions made by OPEC Member Countries in energy, sustainable development, and environmental domains.

The OPEC Pavilion’s Agenda

Serving as a hub in Thematic Arena 3 of the Conference’s Blue Zone in Expo City Dubai, the OPEC Pavilion will daily welcome visitors. Its main focus will be on showcasing the commendable efforts undertaken by the Organization and its Member Countries in promoting sustainable development and climate change mitigation initiatives within the energy sector.

OPEC Objectives of the Pavilion

With an array of activities lined up, the Pavilion aims to raise awareness about OPEC’s mission, objectives, energy security principles, emission reduction strategies, and the ongoing energy transitions.

OPEC’s proactive participation at the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai underscores its commitment to address global environmental challenges while highlighting sustainable initiatives. The event not only showcases OPEC’s dedication to mitigating climate change but also emphasizes its contributions towards a greener future.


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