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Mexico Energy Secretary Resigns, Launches Veracruz Governorship Bid


Mexico’s Energy Secretary, Rocio Nahle, has tendered her resignation, marking a pivotal moment in her political career. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the development on Friday, as Nahle gears up to enter the race for the governorship of Veracruz state.

Nahle’s Resignation

Nahle, a 59-year-old chemical engineer who has held the position since late 2018, had previously hinted at her intention to run for the governorship of Veracruz. The state, which shares its border with the Gulf of Mexico, boasts significant reserves of oil and gas.

Immediate Transition Mexico Energy

President Lopez Obrador expressed his gratitude for Nahle’s service, stating, “She will be with us in the position until today.” He wished her the best in her future endeavors, especially acknowledging her notable contributions to the Dos Bocas project, a major oil refinery in Tabasco under state producer Pemex. This refinery is on track to achieve full capacity this year and is a crucial part of Mexico’s energy self-sufficiency goals.

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Political Prospects

Nahle’s resignation paves the way for her to join the gubernatorial race in Veracruz. In the upcoming elections, she may represent the ruling MORENA party and contend against Miguel Angel Yunes from the conservative PAN party, a former Veracruz governor aspiring to make a return to his previous post.

MORENA’s Pre-Candidates

Late on Friday, MORENA unveiled a list of its pre-candidates for the Veracruz governorship. Alongside Nahle, the list includes deputies Sergio Gutierrez Luna and Claudia Tello, as well as the former party president of the state, Manuel Huerta. The roster also features Eric Cisneros and Zenyazen Escobar, who have relinquished their roles as the Veracruz government secretary and education secretary, respectively.

Current Governance

It’s noteworthy that the present governor of the state is MORENA’s Cuitlahuac Garcia. Nahle conveyed her gratitude to President Lopez Obrador via the social messaging platform X, stating, “It’s an honor,” and declaring, “Mission accomplished!”

This abrupt political shift is set to have significant implications on both the energy sector and the political landscape of Mexico. Stay tuned for further updates as the Veracruz gubernatorial race unfolds.

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