Introducing BUILD: A Memecoin for Crypto Builders

Introducing BUILD A Memecoin for Crypto Builders

The Memecoin for Crypto Builders, known as BUILD, is designed to appreciate and celebrate the contributions of talented individuals within the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative token of appreciation operates on the Base network and revolves around a simple social game that rewards onchain builders through peer nominations. BUILD aims to create a cycle of mutual appreciation among the community, recognizing the hard work of those shaping Ethereum’s future.

The Concept of BUILD: A Memecoin for Crypto Builders

At its core, BUILD is a memecoin for crypto builders, crafted to honor and celebrate those who significantly contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. The mechanism is straightforward: participants in the game receive a daily budget of BUILD points, which can be allocated to nominate up to three builders each day. This daily budget is determined by the participant’s Builder Score, a metric reflecting their contributions and reputation within the community.

How BUILD Works: The Nomination System

The operation of BUILD, the memecoin for crypto builders, is anchored in a daily nomination system. Each participant can distribute their daily budget of BUILD points by nominating up to three different builders every day. When a player nominates a builder, 90% of their daily budget is transferred to the nominee, while the nominator retains 10% as a reward. This system ensures that recognizing others also benefits the person making the nominations, fostering a culture of mutual appreciation and support.

Creating a Talent Passport

To participate in the BUILD memecoin for crypto builders, you need to create a Talent Passport. This onchain resume, developed by the Talent Protocol team, verifies various contributions and serves as the foundation for your Builder Score, which determines your daily BUILD nomination budget. You can link to the onboarding interface through the My Stats dashboard on

Once you have your Talent Passport, you can search for builders on using their Farcaster or Talent Protocol profiles. By pressing the “Nominate” button next to your desired picks, you can nominate up to three different builders each day. Note that you can only nominate each builder once throughout the campaign. The BUILD’s Leaderboard page makes it easy to find top contributors with many nominations, helping you discover who is making significant strides in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Airdrop 1 Campaign and Conversion to $BUILD Tokens

The BUILD memecoin for crypto builders campaign, known as Airdrop 1, is scheduled to conclude in June 2024. At the end of this campaign, the BUILD points accumulated by participants will be converted into $BUILD tokens. These tokens, which are ERC20 tokens on Base, can then be traded on exchanges like Uniswap.

To be eligible for claiming $BUILD tokens, participants need to have an ENS or Farcaster account registered before May 15th, 2024. Once claimed, these tokens can be managed and traded freely, offering participants tangible rewards for their recognition efforts.

The Broader Impact: BUILD’s Role in the Crypto Community

The introduction of the BUILD memecoin for crypto builders invites everyone to participate in a movement that celebrates and rewards the builders shaping Ethereum’s future. By creating a simple and incentivized way to recognize the hard work of others, BUILD fosters a supportive and appreciative community culture. This initiative is not just about distributing tokens; it’s about creating a lasting impact on how contributions are valued and recognized within the Ethereum ecosystem.

BUILD – A True Crypto Win-Win

In summary, the BUILD memecoin for crypto builders is an exciting development that brings a new dimension of recognition and reward to the Ethereum community. By enabling participants to nominate and reward fellow builders, BUILD creates a cycle of mutual appreciation that benefits everyone involved. As we look forward to the conclusion of the Airdrop 1 campaign in June 2024, it’s clear that BUILD is set to make a significant impact on how contributions are celebrated in the crypto world.

Whether you are a builder looking to be recognized or someone who wants to honor the efforts of others, the BUILD memecoin for crypto builders offers a unique and rewarding way to engage with the Ethereum ecosystem. Join the movement, create your Talent Passport, and start nominating today – because in the world of BUILD, every contribution counts, and every builder deserves to be celebrated.


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