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Gold Price Surpasses $2,100, the market is just getting started

Gold Price Surpasses $2,100, the market is just getting started

Gold Price Surpasses $2,100, The latest surge in the price of gold, is signaling a promising trajectory for the precious metal market. Analysts are optimistic about the outlook, citing both technical patterns and fundamental factors that suggest further upside potential.

Gold Price Surpasses $2,100: Technical Analysis

Renowned market analyst Jess Felder, founder of the Felder Report, highlights the bullish momentum in gold’s price action. According to Felder, gold has been forming consistent bullish flag patterns, characterized by periodic price spikes followed by consolidation periods. This pattern suggests a bullish trend that could see gold prices climbing even higher in the short term.

Felder projects a potential short-term target of a couple of hundred dollars higher for gold, with longer-term projections reaching as high as $2,700 to $2,800 over the next year or two. From a technical standpoint, gold appears to be in a favorable position for further gains.

Robust Fundamentals Support Gold’s Ascent

In addition to the positive technical outlook, Felder underscores the robust fundamental factors driving gold’s rise. He expresses skepticism about the Federal Reserve’s ability to curb inflation, which could erode confidence in the U.S. dollar and drive investors towards gold as a safe-haven asset.

Persistently high inflation, coupled with a weakening economy, may compel the Federal Reserve to reintroduce quantitative easing, further bolstering the case for gold. Felder emphasizes that such conditions would constitute the ultimate bull case for gold, attracting investors seeking refuge from market uncertainties.

Mining Sector Poised for Growth

Beyond the surge in gold prices, Felder is particularly bullish on precious metals miners, noting that the sector is undervalued despite strong fundamentals. He observes a significant disconnection between negative sentiment towards miners and the sector’s performance, which remains resilient despite prevailing market pessimism.

Felder anticipates that a rally in gold prices could reignite investor interest in mining stocks. Furthermore, a potential correction in the broader equity market might drive funds towards the mining sector, which offers an attractive opportunity amid economic uncertainties.

Value Opportunities in Major Producers

Felder identifies major producers such as Barrick, Newmont, and Agnico Eagle as prime investment opportunities in the current market environment. With higher gold prices, these companies stand to benefit from increased cash flows and represent less risk for generalist investors.

Newmont, the world’s largest gold producer, recently experienced a dip in its share price, presenting an opportune moment for investors. Despite this, Felder believes that senior producers are undervalued and offer significant potential for growth as gold prices continue to climb.


As the gold price surpasses $2,100 mark, the market shows signs of strength and resilience. With favorable technical patterns, robust fundamentals, and undervalued mining stocks, investors have ample opportunities to capitalize on the bullish trajectory of the precious metal market. As economic uncertainties persist, gold remains a steadfast asset, offering stability and potential returns amidst volatile market conditions.


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