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Gold Above $2,370 Amid Iran-Israel Tensions: Will It Break Resistance?

Gold Above $2,370 Amid Iran-Israel Tensions: Will It Break Resistance?

Gold Above $2,370: Gold prices surged on Monday as investors sought safe havens amid escalating tensions between Iran and Israel. The yellow metal briefly touched $2,372.90 per ounce, its highest level in a month, before retreating slightly due to a strengthening U.S. dollar.


  • Gold Above $2,370 Amid Iran-Israel Tensions, U.S. Dollar Strength Caps Gains.
  • U.S. Inflation at 8.6% Bolsters Fed’s High-Rate Stance, Impacting Gold’s Appeal as an Inflation Hedge.
  • Gold’s Technical Outlook Bullish Above $2334.87, Key Resistances Loom at $2372.55 and $2403.98.

Geopolitical Jitters Drive Gold Above $2,370

The recent attack by Iran on Israel sent shivers through the market, with investors flocking to gold as a safe-haven asset. The focus now remains on Israel’s potential response and how the situation unfolds. Although Iran claims to have concluded its offensive, the potential for further escalation is keeping investors on edge.

U.S. Dollar Strength Limits Gold’s Advance

Despite the geopolitical tensions, the rally in gold prices was capped by a resurgent U.S. dollar. The dollar’s strength is primarily driven by two factors:

  • Soaring U.S. Inflation: Inflation in the U.S. surged to a staggering 8.6% in May 2024, prompting the Federal Reserve to maintain its hawkish stance on interest rates. This makes the dollar a more attractive investment, as higher rates translate to greater returns.
  • Mixed Signals from China: China’s slowing economic growth is dampening global commodity prices, further strengthening the dollar as a safe haven.

Gold’s Technical Outlook: Bullish Above $2,334.87

From a technical standpoint, gold’s outlook remains bullish as long as it stays above $2,334.87. This key pivot point serves as a crucial support level. If gold manages to break above the immediate resistance at $2,372.55, the rally is likely to gain further momentum, with potential targets at $2,403.98 and $2,431.98.

Support and Resistance Levels to Watch

Here’s a breakdown of the key support and resistance levels to keep an eye on:

  • Resistance: $2,372.55 (Immediate), $2,403.98, $2,431.98
  • Support: $2,305.17, $2,274.84, $2,235.10

The 50-day and 200-day exponential moving averages (EMAs) currently sit at $2,327.34 and $2,217.07, respectively, indicating a long-term bullish trend for gold. Additionally, the formation of bullish candlesticks above the $2,335 area reinforces this positive outlook.

Conclusion: Gold’s Price Hinges on Geopolitics and Fed Policy

The near-term direction of gold prices will depend on the interplay of geopolitical tensions and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions. While the current situation in the Middle East provides support, the Fed’s commitment to fighting inflation through higher interest rates remains a headwind for gold. Investors should closely monitor these developments and adjust their positions accordingly.


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