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GAM3S.GG and Aethir Unite for Revolutionary Web3 Cloud Gaming Launch

GAM3S.GG and Aethir Unite for Revolutionary Web3 Cloud Gaming Launch

GAM3S.GG, formerly known as Polkastarter Gaming, has announced an exciting collaboration with Aethir to introduce a groundbreaking Web3 cloud gaming platform. The partnership between GAM3S.GG and Aethir aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape by leveraging Aethir’s decentralized GPU infrastructure. The platform is set to debut its beta phase in the second quarter of 2024, promising to bring high-performance, low-latency gaming to users worldwide.

GAM3S.GG and Aethir: A Perfect Partnership

The partnership between GAM3S.GG and Aethir is poised to push the boundaries of cloud gaming technology. Aethir’s innovative decentralized cloud infrastructure, which utilizes blockchain and peer-to-peer networking, pools and shares GPU processing power across a globally distributed network. This approach ensures minimal latency and high reliability, enabling gamers to enjoy seamless, high-quality gaming experiences without the need for expensive hardware.

GAM3S.GG, with its strong focus on Web3 gaming, sees this collaboration as a pivotal step in its ambitious 2024 roadmap. The platform, already a well-known name in the Web3 gaming community, aims to enhance user experience and drive the adoption of Web3 gaming through this partnership.

Launch of the Cloud Gaming Beta

In Q2 2024, GAM3S.GG and Aethir will roll out the cloud gaming beta feature. This initial phase will offer the service for free to all users, allowing them to experience the benefits of decentralized cloud gaming firsthand. By leveraging Aethir’s infrastructure, the beta phase promises to deliver high-performance gaming that is accessible from any device. As the service scales and the game library expands, GAM3S.GG plans to transition to a G3 token-gated environment, integrating its native $G3 tokens to enhance the ecosystem further.

Innovative Technology Behind Aethir

Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure is a key component of this partnership. By utilizing a network of globally distributed GPUs, Aethir’s platform offers unmatched scalability and performance. The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency and security, while peer-to-peer networking optimizes resource allocation and minimizes latency. This technological foundation allows GAM3S.GG to offer a cloud gaming experience that rivals traditional setups but without the need for costly gaming rigs.

The Vault: Exclusive Access to Web3 Gaming Tokens

Following the cloud gaming launch, GAM3S.GG plans to introduce The Vault in Q2-Q3 2024. This feature will provide users with the opportunity to participate in private sales of Web3 gaming tokens. To access The Vault, users will need to stake at least 10,000 $G3 tokens. Eligibility will also be determined by the user’s GAM3R Score and GAM3R NFTs, ensuring that dedicated community members have the chance to support their favorite games early.

Enhanced Engagement with the Battle Pass System

GAM3S.GG is also set to introduce a Battle Pass system, featuring both free and premium tiers. This system will offer various rewards and levels that can be unlocked through platform activities. The Battle Pass aims to enhance user engagement by allowing players to accumulate XP, earn rewards, and advance through ranks across multiple seasons. This gamification element is designed to keep players invested and engaged with the platform over the long term.

The Gaming Passport: A Unified Digital Identity

Another significant feature in GAM3S.GG’s roadmap is the Gaming Passport, scheduled for launch in Q4 2024. This digital identity system will enable users to manage their gaming credentials, track in-game progress on-chain, and validate gaming scores. By integrating data from various gaming platforms, the Gaming Passport will provide a unified login system and allow game studios to identify high-quality players quickly. This feature aims to streamline the gaming experience and foster a more connected gaming community.


The partnership between GAM3S.GG and Aethir marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 cloud gaming. By leveraging Aethir’s decentralized GPU infrastructure, GAM3S.GG is set to offer a seamless, high-performance gaming experience that democratizes access to top-tier games. With an ambitious roadmap that includes the launch of The Vault, a Battle Pass system, and the Gaming Passport, GAM3S.GG is poised to lead the Web3 gaming revolution throughout 2024 and beyond. This collaboration underscores the potential of decentralized technologies to transform the gaming industry, providing gamers worldwide with unprecedented access and opportunities.

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