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FOMC Sparks Market Surge: Navigating Opportunities in Post-Policy Shift

FOMC Sparks Market Surge: Navigating Opportunities in Post-Policy Shift

In the aftermath of the recent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, the markets have experienced a surge, with Santa seemingly at work not only in the S&P 500 but across various sectors. This analysis delves into the strategic moves made before and after the FOMC decision, providing insights into the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and key sectors. Additionally, it explores the impact on premium calls and offers a forward-looking perspective.


  • The FOMC’s recent policy shift has ignited a market surge, particularly benefiting interest rate-sensitive assets.
  • A strategically placed long Nasdaq call before FOMC proved effective, avoiding shakeouts and contributing to the Nasdaq’s post-FOMC performance.
  • Emphasis on playing rotations strategically and collaborating with hedge funds as allies in late-year performance chasing.
  • Comprehensive chart analysis covering S&P 500, credit markets, precious metals, and oil, providing insights for informed decision-making in the evolving market landscape.

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FOMC-Nasdaq Analysis:

FOMC-Nasdaq Analysis:

Source: Trading Compass

Hours before the FOMC announcement, a long Nasdaq call was highlighted, emphasizing a pre-identified pullback area deemed advantageous for long positions. Subsequently, the Nasdaq exceeded its previous high in after-hours trading. With the Fed signaling a substantial policy shift, particularly in committing to rate cuts irrespective of a declared recession in the coming year, interest rate-sensitive plays within the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 gained momentum. The analysis underscores the rarity of the Fed expressing satisfaction with economic indicators while maintaining a dovish stance.

Market Dynamics:

The Fed‘s commitment to accommodative policies, evident in its satisfaction with inflation, job market progress, and wage increases, has injected optimism into the markets. The likelihood of rate cuts in 2024 has led to a favorable environment for interest rate-sensitive assets. The article advocates a careful observation of rotational plays from both trading and investing perspectives, emphasizing collaboration with hedge funds as allies in the pursuit of performance in the remaining days of 2023.

Charts Overview:

s&p 500 Charts Overview:

Source: Trading Compass

The comprehensive analysis includes four charts covering the S&P 500, credit markets, precious metals, and oil. The S&P 500, having surpassed the initial upside target, is expected to continue its upward trajectory fueled by the Fed‘s policy shift. The credit markets have confirmed signals of a Fed funds rate below 4% before the end of 2024, influencing risk-taking behavior. Additionally, insights into the rising financials and a confident 30-year Treasury auction are explored as indicators provided in advance. The article also touches on the positive upswing anticipated in the gold market.


In the wake of the FOMC’s impactful decision, market participants are urged to navigate the opportunities presented by the evolving landscape. The analysis provides a nuanced understanding of recent market movements, supported by strategic insights and chart analyses, guiding readers in making informed decisions in the dynamic post-FOMC environment.

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