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Fed rate decision: Gold losses deepen before the decision, Copper hit by China

Fed rate decision Gold losses deepen before the decision, Copper hit by China

Gold prices continued to slide on Wednesday as uncertainty mounted ahead of a Fed rate decision in meeting and a significant Treasury announcement later in the day. In the meantime, weak economic data from China put pressure on copper prices.

Uncertainty Surrounds Federal Reserve Meeting and Treasury Announcement

Traders were closely watching the Federal Reserve meeting, with expectations that interest rates would remain unchanged. However, the central bank was likely to reaffirm its commitment to higher rates, considering recent indicators of persistent U.S. inflation, a robust job market, and overall economic resilience. This scenario, while good for the economy, could weigh on gold, as higher interest rates increase the opportunity cost of holding the precious metal.

Before the Fed decision, all eyes were on the U.S. Treasury, as it was expected to reveal plans to refinance its substantial debt load. This announcement was critical in light of the recent turmoil in bond markets.

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Fed rate decision Troubling Times for Copper

Meanwhile, copper prices experienced a dip due to concerning economic data from China. Copper futures declined as a private purchasing managers index (PMI) survey unexpectedly showed a contraction in China’s manufacturing sector for October. This, coupled with overseas economic challenges, puts pressure on Chinese copper demand.

With the 10-year Treasury bond yield hovering around a 16-year peak, markets remained on edge, awaiting the Fed rate decision and the Treasury announcement. These events will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of gold and copper prices.

Gold Price Forecast

The gold market faces challenges in light of higher U.S. Treasury yields And the concerns related to the economy of China. Investors are keeping a close watch on the Federal Open Market Committee’s policy meeting and the message it delivers during the press conference.

While the Chinese data weighed on gold, geopolitical risks in the Middle East may provide support for the safe-haven asset. As markets await the outcome of key economic reports and the FOMC’s decision, gold’s direction remains uncertain.

In Conclusion

Gold prices are under pressure as markets anticipate the Fed rate decision and Treasury announcement. Copper, affected by Chinese economic data, faces its own set of challenges. As investors weigh these factors, the future of these precious metals remains uncertain.

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