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Treasury ‘s Adeyemo Calls for Eliminating Subsidies, Including to Energy Companies

Energy Companies

U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, has emphasized the need to eliminate corporate subsidies. Particularly those benefiting energy companies, during a recent address in New York. Adeyemo staunchly defended President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal 2024. This cause underscoring that achieving fiscal sustainability necessitates modest tax increases, enhanced tax revenue collections, and cost-cutting measures.

Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility

Speaking at the Economic Club of New York, Adeyemo stated, “We want to have the money to pay for priorities.” He expressed support for President Biden’s budget, which seeks to boost revenues by discontinuing $31 billion in tax preferences. The President contends that these companies have failed to invest in enhancing energy production. Simultaneously, Biden’s plan maintains targeted tax credits for clean-energy investments under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Congressional Challenges

However, the proposal faces significant hurdles in a divided Congress. This initiative comes on the heels of relentless White House criticism of major oil corporations, accused of amassing record profits while consumers grapple with elevated energy costs due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year.

Taxation Reforms

Adeyemo also defended President Biden’s proposal to revert the corporate tax rate to 28%, the rate in place prior to former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. He asserted that the effective tax rate would still be lower than during the administrations of Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat Bill Clinton. Adeyemo remarked, “We can also think about what we can do to eliminate subsidies,” and emphasized the need to reevaluate subsidizing energy companies given their performance in the country. He suggested exploring other subsidies and strategies to enhance budget efficiency.

Seeking Bipartisanship

Wally Adeyemo expressed hope in engaging with Republicans in the House of Representatives on this matter but refrained from providing specific details. In addition, he cautioned Republicans against resorting to government shutdown threats “every time they don’t get what they want.”

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