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DeSantis To Sack Powell, Support Cryptocurrency If He Becomes President.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor and US Presidential nominee, Ron DeSantis, has recently unveiled his Declaration of Economic Independence, a comprehensive plan that addresses critical issues concerning America’s economy and fiscal policies. This bold move highlights DeSantis’ staunch support for cryptocurrencies.

DeSantis on Strengthening the Banking Sector

DeSantis called for more stringent regulations on shadow banks. He also advocated for increased levels of transparency to avert future crises in the banking sector. He stressed the importance of requiring “clear language disclosures of shadow banks to better track systemic risks.” By emphasizing the need for enhanced regulations, DeSantis aims to prevent any possible repeat of the severe banking crisis that affected the nation earlier this year.

Pro-Crypto Stance & A New Federal Reserve Chairman

As a vocal proponent of cryptocurrencies, DeSantis vowed to protect the crypto industry from “politically driven debanking and financial doxing.” In addition to this, the Republican candidate has also said he would replace the current Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell. He intends for an individual driven by the objective of upholding a stable dollar “instead of the political pressures of the day” to take his place.

Potential Implications and Consequences

DeSantis’ Declaration of Economic Independence has garnered both support and criticism from various sectors of society. Crypto advocates see these plans as a much-needed boost and a step toward mainstream acceptance. Conversely, opponents argue that such changes could lead to potential issues around security, money laundering, and financial instability.

Ultimately, only time will tell how DeSantis’ plans will pan out in the event of him becoming the next president. Nevertheless, it is clear that a move towards greater cryptocurrency adoption would undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for both the US and global economies.

Regardless of the ongoing debates, DeSantis’ commitment to supporting the advancement of the crypto industry and his willingness to shake up the traditional financial system signal a potential shift in US economic policy. That’s if he wins the 2024 Presidential elections, though.



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