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DeFi Project Sonne Finance Exploited for $20 Million on Optimism

DeFi Project Sonne Finance Exploited for $20 Million on Optimism

Sonne Finance Exploited for $20 Million: The decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape witnessed yet another setback with the recent exploitation of Sonne Finance, a lending protocol operating on Optimism and Base. Hackers managed to siphon off at least $20 million worth of cryptocurrency, raising serious concerns about the vulnerabilities inherent in protocols built upon existing frameworks like Compound Finance.

A Familiar Foe: Exploiting Compound’s Weakness

Blockchain security firm PeckShield revealed that the attack on Sonne Finance exploited a known vulnerability present in forks of Compound Finance. This flaw enabled the attacker to manipulate Sonne Finance’s smart contracts on the Optimism network, resulting in substantial losses.

Deja Vu: History Repeats Itself

Sonne Finance, being derived from Compound V2, inherited vulnerabilities within its codebase, reminiscent of past exploits targeting similar protocols like Hundred Finance and Midas Capital. These exploits often involve manipulating exchange rates to artificially inflate collateral values, facilitating the draining of lending pools with minimal investment.

The Sonne Finance exploit followed a familiar pattern, involving the introduction of a new market contract for VELO and a subsequent governance proposal to activate it. However, the attacker strategically executed the contract immediately after the expiration of a 24-hour timelock, positioning themselves to exploit the vulnerability and abscond with a significant sum.

Sonne Finance Exploited: Swift Response, Ongoing Investigation

In response to the exploit, Sonne Finance promptly paused all markets on the Optimism platform to prevent further losses, while ensuring that Base markets remained unaffected. A post-mortem report was released detailing the incident, along with a list of wallet addresses associated with the attacker, aiding ongoing investigative efforts. Additionally, Sonne Finance expressed dedication to recovering the stolen funds, leveraging strategies such as bug bounties, community support, and collaboration with stakeholders.

A Stark Reminder: Prioritizing DeFi Security

The Sonne Finance exploit serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of robust security protocols within the DeFi ecosystem. With numerous iterations of Compound V2 in circulation, prioritizing security through regular audits and prompt vulnerability patching is paramount. This incident underscores the shared responsibility of developers and users to uphold vigilance against potential exploits, ensuring the resilience of lending protocols in the face of evolving threats.


The exploitation of Sonne Finance amplifies the urgency for heightened security measures within the DeFi space. Developers must prioritize rigorous audits and proactive vulnerability management, while users must exercise caution and stay informed about potential risks. Through collaborative efforts, the DeFi community can fortify its defenses and pave the way for a more secure and resilient financial ecosystem.

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