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Coinbase UK Implements New FCA-Compliance Measures

Coinbase UK Implements New FCA-Compliance Measures

Coinbase UK is adapting to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) updated regulations by introducing a risk-acknowledgment process for its users. According to information obtained by CryptoSlate from emails, the cryptocurrency exchange is mandating its users to complete a risk-acknowledgment form ahead of the FCA’s financial promotions regulations set to be effective by January 8.


  • Coinbase UK proactively responds to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) updates with a risk-acknowledgment process for users.
  • Coinbase emphasizes user understanding by requiring identification of investor type and completion of an assessment recognizing the high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments.
  • Reflecting a broader trend, other exchanges like OKX are also implementing similar assessments to comply with local laws and meet regulatory standards.
  • Notably, several crypto-related firms, including Binance, Bybit, Nicehash, Revolut, and Luno, have withdrawn services in the U.K. due to regulatory challenges.
  • Coinbase users express frustration on social media platforms, citing difficulties in completing required forms and calling attention to app unavailability and browser malfunctions. Addressing these concerns is crucial for enhancing user experience and compliance.

Coinbase UK Adopts FCA-Driven Risk Protocols

Coinbase UK is urging its users to engage in a risk-acknowledgment process to align with the FCA’s upcoming financial promotions regulations. Users are now required to identify their investor type and undergo an assessment that recognizes the inherently high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments, as defined by the FCA. In an email, Coinbase stated, “The Appropriateness Assessment is essential for helping us ensure that you’re equipped to make informed investment decisions.”

This move is not unique to Coinbase, as other crypto exchanges, such as OKX, are also subjecting their UK users to similar assessments in a bid to comply with local laws. The initiative reflects the broader regulatory efforts in the U.K. to safeguard individuals within its jurisdiction from the inherent risks associated with the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry.

Notably, several crypto-related firms, including Binance, Bybit, Nicehash, Revolut, and Luno, have had to withdraw their services in the country due to challenges in adhering to regulatory requirements.

Challenges and Dissatisfaction

Coinbase users have voiced their concerns and frustrations on social media platforms, citing difficulties in completing and submitting the required forms. Some users have reported the unavailability of the form on the app, along with malfunctions when attempting to access it through a web browser. One frustrated user contrasted Coinbase’s process unfavorably with other exchanges, expressing discontent with the inconvenience faced during the FCA declarations.

In response to user dissatisfaction, Coinbase may need to address accessibility issues and streamline the acknowledgment process to enhance user experience and compliance.


As Coinbase and other crypto exchanges adapt to the changing regulatory landscape in the U.K., users are encountering new compliance measures aimed at protecting them from the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. While these initiatives align with regulatory efforts, the challenges faced by users underscore the importance of seamless and user-friendly compliance processes in the evolving cryptocurrency market. Coinbase, like its counterparts, must navigate the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and user satisfaction to maintain a strong presence in the U.K. crypto space.

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