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China Wine Market Eagerly Awaits Australian Wine’s Return as Relations Improve

China Wine Market Eagerly Awaits Australian Wine's Return

In a significant turn of events, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is embarking on a visit to China on Saturday. Marking the first visit by an Australian prime minister since 2016. This visit holds great promise for Australian wine companies, which have faced a daunting 218% tax imposed by China in 2021. Thus, leading to a steep decline in the industry’s fortunes.

Tariffs Under Scrutiny

The heartening news for the Australian wine industry is that both nations have mutually agreed to reevaluate the punitive tariffs, offering the prospect of Australian wine returning to the Chinese market early next year. This development has been warmly received by wine enthusiasts and experts, including Campbell Thompson, the Australian CEO of The Wine Republic, a prominent wine importer and distributor in Beijing.

Hope for Tariff Removal

“We are looking forward to the tariffs being removed. I think for Australia there is definitely an opportunity,” Thompson commented, expressing optimism for the industry’s revival.

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The Impact of Tariffs

The introduction of a staggering 218% tax on Australian wine in 2021 had a devastating impact, causing the industry, once valued at $1.2 billion annually, to collapse. Major players like Treasury Wine Estates, the maker of Penfold’s, witnessed a 97% loss in their China business. However, their shares surged by more than 5% on the news of potential tariff removal.

A Long-Awaited Resurgence

Before the 2021 tariffs, Australian wines enjoyed a 14% tariff advantage over other wine-producing nations due to a free trade agreement signed in 2015. Campbell Thompson is already in discussions with the Australian wineries, believing that the removal of tariffs will open up new opportunities.

Optimism and Caution

Despite the positive outlook, experts are cautious about expecting an immediate bounce-back in business. Layla Wang, co-owner of Trio Wine Bar in Beijing, suggests that while the Chinese market perception of Australian wine remains favorable, it may take time for the industry to fully recover.

Rekindling the Passion for Australian Wine

Wang points out that the market has evolved, with a growing preference for diverse wine experiences, including homegrown Chinese wines, and biodynamic, and natural options. She believes that consumers will eagerly embrace the return of Australian wines, opening up more choices in the market.

As the Australia-China relationship takes a positive turn, the wine industry awaits a potential resurgence, with hopes high for a successful return to the Chinese market in the near future.

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