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BOJ’s Governor Kazuo Ueda Addresses Financial Concerns


Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) top official, Governor Kazuo Ueda, affirmed on Saturday that concerns regarding the central bank’s financial stability. This would not deter the implementation of crucial monetary policy measures.

Long Road Ahead Before Exiting Ultra-Loose BOJ Policy

Governor Ueda expressed that the path to exiting the ultra-loose monetary policy remained distant. As the sustainable achievement of the 2% inflation target remained elusive.

Right Time to Deliberate Monetary Policy Impact on Finances

The governor acknowledged that the current distance to policy normalization made it imperative to deliberate how the central bank’s monetary policy conduct could influence its financial standing.

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Balancing Act: Profits vs. Interest Income

While contemplating the exit from ultra-easy policy, Governor Ueda emphasized that the Bank of Japan’s profits could experience “downward pressure.” However, he also pointed out that interest income might rise as the central boj’s current government bond holdings get replaced by higher-yielding bonds.

Uncertain Predictions for Future Financial Impact

Governor Ueda highlighted the difficulty in accurately predicting the extent to which a future policy exit could impact the Bank of Japan’s financial position.

Monetary Policy’s Primary Objective Remains Unaltered

“The objective of the Bank’s monetary policy is achieving price stability, which is its mission as stipulated by law. Considerations of the Bank’s finances, etc. do not prevent it from implementing necessary policies,”. Ueda stated during a speech at the annual meeting of the Japan Society of Monetary Economics.

Financial Fluctuations Won’t Impair Policy Implementation

Governor Ueda underscored that a central bank’s ability to execute monetary policy would not be impaired by temporary decreases in its profits and capital, as long as it conducted appropriate monetary policy.

In short, BOJ Governor Kazuo Ueda assured that financial concerns would not hinder essential monetary policy decisions, emphasizing that the central bank’s primary mission remained unwavering amidst potential financial fluctuations.

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