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Bitcoin ETF Launch: Is it a Turning Point or a Sell-the-News Event?

Bitcoin ETF Launch: Is it a Turning Point or a Sell-the-News Event?

The crypto industry witnessed a pivotal moment with the approval of several Bitcoin spot ETFs, a development that has sparked both optimism and skepticism. However, the recent price action has left many questioning whether the Bitcoin ETF launch is a watershed moment or merely a teething stage for the market.


  • The approval of several Bitcoin spot ETFs in the US has been met with both optimism and skepticism.
  • The initial price surge after the ETF launch was followed by a significant correction, leading to concerns among investors.
  • Analysts are drawing parallels with past sell-the-news events in the crypto industry, which were also followed by price corrections.
  • Sell-offs from Grayscale Investments, driven by its high management fees, may be contributing to the market’s volatility.
  • There is a range of potential scenarios for the future of Bitcoin, from a drastic crash to a renewed bull run.
  • Investors should closely monitor the evolving crypto market landscape as the impact of the ETF launch becomes clearer.

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Bitcoin ETF Launch and Price Reaction

The eagerly awaited Bitcoin spot ETFs were introduced for trading in the US on January 11, creating a surge in Bitcoin’s price by 6% to $48,975. However, this optimism was short-lived as the market experienced a significant setback, with BTC crashing nearly 15% within 48 hours. This abrupt decline has raised concerns among investors, prompting debates on whether the ETF approval is a sell-the-news event or a potential turning point for the anticipated 2023 bull rally.

Historical Perspective on Sell-the-News Events

Examining past instances, the article draws parallels with key events in the crypto industry, such as the launch of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2017 and the Bakkt platform in 2019. Both events, despite being considered pivotal moments, were followed by notable price corrections, raising questions about the current Bitcoin ETF launch.

Sell-Off Pressures and Investor Sentiment

To gauge the impact of the ETF launch, it is crucial to understand the sources of selling pressure. Data from CoinGlass indicates significant redemptions from Grayscale Investments, totaling nearly $36 billion in the last month. The article explores the possibility that some investors are transitioning from Grayscale’s GBTC shares to ETFs, driven by the former’s high management fees of 1.5%.

Potential Scenarios

As the market grapples with the aftermath of the Bitcoin ETF launch, various scenarios are being discussed by investors. Some anticipate a drastic crash to $12,000, while others foresee a more moderate correction to $35,000. Contrarily, a substantial group remains optimistic, believing that this short-term correction could pave the way for Bitcoin to resume its bull rally and reach new all-time highs.


In conclusion, the Bitcoin ETF launch has undeniably introduced volatility to the market, leaving participants contemplating the significance of this development. Whether it marks a turning point or a sell-the-news event remains uncertain, making it essential for investors to closely monitor the evolving landscape of the crypto market in the wake of this historic milestone.

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