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Bitcoin ETF Battle: 3 Best Crypto Ads in 48 Hours

Bitcoin ETF Battle 3 Best Crypto Ads in 48 Hours

The battle for supremacy in the Bitcoin ETF arena surged with the emergence of three new commercials within a mere 48 hours. Bitwise and Hashdex, through strategically crafted advertisements featuring familiar faces, ignited a marketing skirmish in the crypto industry. The rapid succession of these promotions signifies a heightened competition among asset managers, vying for dominance and investor attention in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

Key Highlights:

  • Bitwise and Hashdex released ads featuring iconic figures, sparking a marketing war in the crypto landscape.
  • Social media favor leaned towards Bitwise’s campaign, signaling its impact over Hashdex’s advertisement.
  • Despite regulatory uncertainties, these aggressive marketing moves exhibit confidence in the impending approval of Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Analysts predict a 90% likelihood of SEC approval for the pending 13 spot Bitcoin ETFs by January 10th.
  • Industry leaders emphasize branding as the primary tool for attracting investors, foreseeing further aggressive ad campaigns.

Bitcoin ETF Bitwise Leads the Charge

The promotional onslaught commenced on December 18th when Bitwise unveiled the first Bitcoin ETF advertisement. Notably, the ad featured Jonathan Goldsmith, renowned for his iconic “Most Interesting Man in the World” persona from the Dos Equis beer campaign.


Shortly after, on December 20th, Hashdex followed suit, releasing their own crypto advertisement. The ad notably showcased a dumper truck, emphasizing the distinction between stocks, fixed income, precious metals, and crypto, while promoting the firm. Goldsmith, in character, continued to endorse Bitcoin, sending regards from Satoshi.

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Social Media Consensus

Despite the competitive push, social media responses leaned favorably towards Bitwise’s campaign, marking it as the more impactful of the two.


Both campaigns signify a bold show of confidence from the asset managers, despite awaiting regulatory approval for their Bitcoin ETFs. Currently, there are 13 pending spot Bitcoin ETFs awaiting approval by the SEC, with analysts placing the likelihood at 90% by January 10th.

Insights from Industry Bitcoin ETF Leaders

Samson Mow, Bitcoin pioneer and JAN3 CEO, highlighted the significance of these marketing campaigns. Mow stressed that these companies are fiercely competing for investor attention, inflows, and assets under management, utilizing branding as their primary weapon.

Mow anticipates further escalation, envisioning potential ads from giants like BlackRock or Fidelity featuring influential personalities endorsing Bitcoin ETFs. These marketing maneuvers are expected to intensify, aiming to capture the essence of the Bitcoin narrative in captivating ways.


The unveiling of three Bitcoin ETF commercials within a short span underscores the escalating intensity among asset managers competing for dominance. Despite regulatory hurdles, these aggressive marketing maneuvers reflect unwavering confidence in the imminent approval of Bitcoin ETFs. As industry leaders stress the importance of branding in attracting investors, the stage is set for a relentless battle for supremacy in the realm of crypto advertising, hinting at an impending flurry of strategic campaigns aiming to capture the essence of Bitcoin’s allure.


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