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Biden to Visit Michigan in Show of Solidarity with UAW Strikes

Biden's Michigan

President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Michigan on Tuesday, demonstrating his backing for the United Auto Workers’ (UAW) strike, as reported by CNBC.

UAW Invitation Extended

UAW leader Shawn Fain publicly invited President Biden on Friday to join the striking autoworkers on the picket line. The strike targets the three major automakers: Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), and Stellantis NV (NYSE:STLA).

UAW Expands Strikes on Biden’s Michigan

The United Auto Workers have escalated their strikes across car manufacturing plants operated by General Motors Company and Stellantis. They emphasize the need for more substantial progress.

Ultimatum Issued

Earlier this week, the UAW issued an ultimatum, threatening to call for more union members to join the walkout at car factories associated with Detroit’s big three automakers if significant labor talk progress wasn’t made by noon on Friday.

Ford Nears Agreement

While Ford appears to be nearing a deal with the UAW, it has managed to prevent an expanded strike. However, the labor union asserted that negotiations with Ford are ongoing, stating that there are still “significant gaps on the key economic issue” that must be addressed to reach a labor agreement.

Stay tuned for further updates on President Biden’s visit to Michigan in support of the ongoing UAW strikes.

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