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CPI Report Impact on This Week’s Trading Sentiment

CPI Report Impact on This Week's Trading Sentiment

In the upcoming week, traders and investors are closely watching macroeconomic indicators, particularly the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report from the world’s largest economy. A higher-than-expected CPI reading could potentially disrupt the ongoing equity market rally.

CPI Expectations and Inflation Concerns

Despite the market’s current optimism, the United States still grapples with inflation concerns. The recent revision didn’t significantly impact expectations, but questions linger about whether U.S. inflation is moving towards a sustainable trajectory aligned with the Fed‘s definition of price stability.

Market Response and Fed’s Policy Event Risk

The market’s reaction to the recent annual revisions suggests that expectations regarding the timing of the Fed’s rate adjustments remain relatively stable. However, the potential for policy event risk looms large, especially if unexpected events alter the landscape, such as a significant deviation in CPI or adverse economic reports.

Probability of Rate Cut and Market Dynamics

Currently, the market assigns only a 20% probability of a rate cut at the next FOMC meeting. This low probability indicates that most traders do not expect this week’s CPI data to significantly influence the Fed’s immediate decision. However, unforeseen events could change this outlook.

Factors Influencing Rate Cut Possibility

Several dovish events, including unexpected economic downturns or crises, would likely need to occur for the possibility of a rate cut to gain traction. However, the debate centers not only on the timing but also on the magnitude of any potential rate adjustments.

Recent Developments and Supply Chain Stability

Recent indicators, such as the New York Fed’s Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI), suggest that global supply chains are functioning smoothly, despite previous concerns. This stability is crucial for policymakers, providing reassurance amid ongoing geopolitical tensions and disruptions.


Economists anticipate that the CPI will likely rise by less than 3%, signaling progress in addressing inflation concerns. However, the Fed remains cautious, awaiting further data on prices, wages, and demand to assess the sustainability of inflationary trends. Despite challenges, the stability of supply chains offers some comfort to policymakers as they navigate uncertain economic terrain.


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