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US Judge Deals Blow to Artists in Copyright Suit Over AI Art

AI Art US Judge's Ruling and Economic Implications

In a recent legal development, a US judge has largely sided with AI firms, Midjourney, DeviantArt, and Stability AI Art. In their efforts to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought by artists. This lawsuit accused the companies of copyright infringement.

US Judge’s Decision on AI Art

The artists, in their pursuit of copyright protection against generative artificial intelligence (AI) firms, have been dealt a setback. Their class-action lawsuit, aimed at several firms, has been dismissed by a United States judge. The reason cited for this dismissal is a lack of evidence to substantiate the artists’ claims.

California District Court Judge William Orrick, in an order issued on October 30. The lawsuit deemed the copyright infringement suit against Midjourney, DeviantArt, and Stability AI as “defective in numerous respects.” As a result, the judge granted the firms’ requests for dismissal.

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit

However, Judge Orrick did permit a copyright infringement claim from one member of the class action against Stability AI to proceed. Additionally, the class has been given a 30-day window to attempt to submit an amended suit with more substantial evidence.

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The lawsuit, initially filed in mid-January, alleged that Stability’s AI model, Stable Diffusion, had scraped billions of copyrighted images without permission, including those created by the AI ART artists, to train the software.

DeviantArt, which incorporated Stable Diffusion on its site, was accused of potentially copying millions of images. However, this is done from there without a license and violating its own terms of service.

Stability AI’s Involvement

Orrick expressed doubt that the AI-generated images infringed upon the artists’ copyrights. As it seemed “not plausible” that they derive from copyright images. He indicate that he would only convince if the class could demonstrate that images closely resemble the artists’ work.

Some class members saw their copyright claims dismiss because their images not register with the Copyright Office. A prerequisite for filing a copyright infringement lawsuit.

These copyright infringement allegations have been central to similar legal actions against AI firms. Thus, including the Author’s Guild’s class action against OpenAI AI ART. Universal Music Group’s suit against Anthropic, and Getty Images’ suits against Stability AI in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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